Sunday, January 31, 2016

Simply Coding

I received the Simply Coding Learn to Code Javascript Platform through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Web based classes
  • Free 8 GB flashdrive
  • Learn to build 3 games
  • Works on PCs and Macs
  • Video and text tutorials 
The product provides a one-time registration code to set up an account with The  account is easy to set up, just be sure to select the correct class. In this case, it was the javascript platform.

Since these coding classes are web based, the one account can be used on multiple computers. More than one family member can use this product to learn coding.

There are 10 lessons in total with this course. Each lesson is broken down into smaller parts and includes a quiz at the end of each lesson.

If multiple people are using the one account, the lessons will be left off with the person who is the furthest along. I recommend writing down or remembering which lesson was left off with in case one surpasses you in lessons.

The courses are aimed for ages 10 and older. My niece who is a few years shy of age 10 found the lessons she read and watched the video tutorials easy follow along with. She only had a few questions and was able to understand the basics.

The lessons do require more reading than I expected, yet it's explained in a very simplified terminology. It's easy for beginners to understand.

The lessons do require one to use a web browser that is not Internet Explorer with the Javascript course. Internet Explorer blocks Javascript.

The course teach you step by step on how to design three javascript games. It starts out with the basic game of Pong during the first two lessons. The next is Fish during lessons 3 through 5. The most complicated game the course goes through is a platform game. Each lesson gets a bit more challenging with the type of coding that's being taught.

- Easy to understand
- Web-based lessons 
- Used with PC and Mac
- Video and text tutorials 

- Flash drive kept shutting off my computer
(Flash drive is a free gift included with the actual product

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Woven Storage Basket

I received the Woven Brown Storage Basket through a promotion.

Product Info:

  • Works as storage or decoration piece
  • 8.2" x 11.4" x 5.3"
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
The woven storage basket has a very nice design and is sturdy. 

There is metal throughout the basket that is similar in color to the woven material. It blends in well. The metal is there to make the basket more durable. The metal handles are comfortable to hold and makes the basket easy to carry or hold. 

The brown basket looks very nice and can fit with many decor styles if used for decoration. 

The basket is easy to wipe out and clean. I did notice that the brown color does make dust on the basket be more visible. The woven material does get dusty pretty quickly. 

- Design/Appearance
- Sturdy

- Dust is visible on the brown basket

Check out this basket on Amazon.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Crown Eternity Ring

I received the Cubic Zirconia Crown Eternity Ring through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Plating: Silvertone Finish
My main concern with the crown ring was that it would hurt or poke the skin. The spikes or tips on the crown made me wonder how it would actually feel once I put it on. 

I was surprised and pleased to find that I really don't feel the tips at all. The tips are far enough down on my finger that I don't get poked by them when I bend my finger, type, or just move around. 

The ring has a nice shine to it and is very pretty. I love the amount of detail with it. 

The ring material can have a chemical reaction with moisture on skin. It can cause the skin to turn green and the ring to tarnish. To prevent this, simply applying 1 or 2 thin layers of clear nail polish (top or base coat) to the inside of the ring keeps the metal from touching your skin. After awhile the layer will wear off and need to be reapplied. 

- Lots of detail
- Nice shine
- Pretty design
- Fit true to size

- Can turn finger green from reaction to moisture.


Check out this ring on Amazon.

Eylo Emergency Flashlight

I received the Eylo Emergency Flashlight through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • 6 in 1 survival tool
  • Rechargeable LED flashlight
  • 4 settings (Bright, Dim, Strobe, SOS)
  • USB charging port for mobile devices
  • Hand crank charging system
  • Emergency flasher
  • Seat belt cutter
  • Window breaker hammer
  • 4 Magenets to attach to car

The Eylo Emergency Flashlight is a handy 6-in-1 tool to keep and use in the home or vehicle.

The flashlight is a rechargeable device, so no worrying about having extra batteries around for if the flashlight dies. The flashlight can be recharged using a micro USB cord. It can be charged through an outlet, car charger, or external battery.

If none are available or limited, the manual hand crank can work to help charge the flashlight to provide light or a small charge to mobile devices. Hand cranking may be tiring, but it is effective and useful in emergency situations.

I really like that this emergency flashlight has a port that can be used to charge a cell phone. It may not provide a full charge to mobile device, but it can provide enough to make an emergency call, send a message for help, look up a phone number for a tow truck, or check weather radars.

The seat belt cutter seems to have a decent sharpness to it. There isn't enough space between the edge and the flashlight to cut a finger or thick rope. The blade was able to cut cardboard, paper, and string when I tried it. The cardboard wasn't able to cut in one go like the others. I had to wiggle the blade and cardboard to get it to cut the entire length.

The window glass breaker hammer is useful if it's ever needed. The metal is thick and sturdy enough to break through glass. The pointed end isn't sharp enough to cut skin, but it could scratch or damage a cell phone screen. The silicone piece over the hammer helps make the pointed end less likely to cause damage when it's not being used. The silicone piece can come off easily and get lost.

The flashlight has four different settings. The long button on the side turns on the red emergency flasher. There's four magnets on the end by the flashlight that allows it to stick to a car, so the red emergency flasher is facing out and visible.

The clear flashlight end has three of the four modes. The flashlight can be bright, dim, or SOS.

This emergency flashlight is great for in the home in case of weather conditions or power loss. I mainly keep mine in the car in case of emergencies when traveling. The light works great if ever stuck on the road or needing to break out of the car.

- 4 flashlight settings
- Manual hand crank for recharging
- Charging port for flashlight and mobile devices
- Sharp seat belt blade
- Easy to use

- Silicone piece over window hammer can come off and get lost

Check out this emergency tool on Amazon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ivation Pressure Cooker

I received the Ivation 7 in 1 Programmable 6 Quart Pressure Cooker through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Tight seal
  • High boiling temperature (Over 250 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Easy to clean
  • Helps preserve nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and flavors
  • 11 Preset cooking styles
  • Programmable timer function
  • Automatic keep-warm
The Ivation electric pressure cooker is great addition to the kitchen that can be used to cook a variety of dishes. 

The pressure cooker comes with a few accessories. A rice spoon and small soup spoon to help dish out food. There is also a measuring cup. These accessories are not made as durable as the actual pressure cooker. They're still nice extra pieces to use with the cooker or around the kitchen.

The lid to the pressure cooker can take a few times to get onto the pressure cooker and locked into place. 

The stainless steel material of the pressure cooker is durable and can hold up for several uses. I accidentally dropped the lid and no damage was done to the lid.

The air vents on the lid help regulate the pressure inside the cooker. The seals work well to hold the moisture and desired pressure inside. It helps bring out the flavors and nutrients in the foods being cooked inside.

The pressure cooker can make foods like soup, poultry, meat, beans, rice, yogurt, steamed vegetables, and many other dishes. Even desserts, such as some cheese cakes and puddings, can be made inside the pressure cooker.

There are automatic and adjustable timers. The preset cooking modes are quick and easy to use.

One of the first dishes my family made with this pressure cooker is rice pudding. The rice was done faster than when we use our stove top pressure cooker pans. The automatic warmer helped keep the rice warm once it was done cooking. Time went much faster than expect.

I am very pleased that this pressure cooker can also be used as a slow cooker as well.

The product does come with a booklet that provides good instructions on how to use the pressure cooker.

One of my favorite parts of this pressure cooker is the inner pot. The inner pot is a thick stainless steel pot. It's durable and very easy to clean. I love the engraved measurements in the pot. For example, if making soup, you can see how much soup was made or how much is left.

- Size good for single or family cooking
- Preset cooking modes
- Adjustable timer
- Automatic keep warm
- Durable pan and pressure cooker
- Easy to clean
- Good information in booklet

- None found

 Check out this pressure cooker on Amazon.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Ocean Wave Projector Light

I received the Ocean Wave Projector Light through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Creates calm, relaxing atmosphere
  • Project single or multiple colors (red, blue, & green)
  • Can be plugged into music device (Smart phone, MP3 Player, etc.)
  • Auto Shutdown after 1 hour
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries or external USB plug-in
The wave projector light looks basic or plain, yet it creates a beautiful and calming wave light projection. 

The projector can be powered by 4 AA batteries, which the compartment is on the bottom of the light and shut with a small phillips screw.

The projector can also be powered by an outlet using the USB cord that comes with the light. I usually this method to use my light. The cord is only a few feet long, so it limits the portability of the projector compared to batteries.

There is also a jack to plug in the attachment cord for the projector and a music device, such as a smart phone or mp3 player.

The projector has three buttons. The middle is to turn on/off and change the light modes. The other buttons are for volume controls.

I did notice that if the volume was up too high on certain songs that are louder, it would cause the device to shut off. Lowering the volume on the music device and projector usually keeps this issue from happening.

The lights will change and move with the music or sound.

There are three main lights on this projector. Red, blue, and green  are the lights that can be used as single colors or multicolored.

There are several different modes for lights. The single lights of red, blue, and green are three of the modes. The others include different versions of the colors combined for multicolored projections. For example, there's one that has all three colors together and another flashes through different light combinations.

I have always found water and watching it's movement relaxing. This light captures it well and makes it fun with the different colors and modes.

- Relaxing
- Variety of modes
- Quiet 
- Projects on entire ceiling of bedroom
- 1 hour automatic shut off

- Can't change brightness 
- Shuts off if volume is too loud
- Short plug-in cord

Check out this projector on Amazon.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bear Dog Hoodie

I received the Bear Dog Hoodie through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Warm, fuzzy fleece
  • Bear design
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, & XL
The dog hoodie has a very cute bear design that is amusing and adorable.

The fleece material of the hoodie is very soft to the touch. It reminds me of fuzzy fleece blankets. The fleece material does hold in their body heat. It's great for on winter nights when they have to go out into the snow and cold.

If warn for several hours, the pets could get too warm, especially if they're in doors or warmer weather, because of how well the fleece holds in they're body heat.

I did notice that the tail ball is just glued onto the fabric. It's easy to pull off or have it come loose. If a pet is a chewer, like mine, it will be ripped off the hoodie quickly.

The size of the hoodie runs very small. My dog normally wears a small in dog clothes and sweaters. She usually enjoys dressing up, especially in the winter time because it keeps her warm. My dog is a Shih Pom (Shih Tzu mixed with Pomeranian), which makes her apart of the toy breed.

Originally, I tried a small with this product and it was way too short her for. It was too short by several inches.

I had to get a large because the smaller hoodies would not fit her in length and I figured the medium still wouldn't fit due to the design of the small. The larger size didn't fit her in the chest area, which also made the hood too big for her. It annoyed her each time the hood would flop over and cover her face.

The back portion of the hoodie bothers my dog. She's not used to something rubbing near her tail or pushing it down. I could tell by the way she was walking and laying down that she did not like the hoodie at all.

I do like that the chest and length that each size is made for is listed in the description of the product, but the chest vs. length size does not seem proportionate or fitting for all dog breeds.

If this product was sold as a two piece with the bottoms (back legs) and top (chest, front legs) of the hoodie separated, the sizes would have been more to portion with how most dog clothing fits. It could also create more satisfaction for the pet if they only like a certain half of the hoodie.

- Cute
- Soft fleece

- One piece
- Length size is too short
- Runs very small in size
- Tail is just glued on 
(Pets who are chewers will get this removed easily)

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Foot Elastic Exerciser

I received the Home Gym Pedal Fitness Foot Elastic Exerciser through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Made with latex tube, foam, and plastic
  • Paddle handle 
Depending on how one uses the foot pedal elastic exerciser, the exercise equipment can help target and work muscle areas that include the arms, stomach, back, hips, and legs. 

The foam handles allow for a comfortable grip and helps prevent slipping during work outs. Depending on how one holds the handles, the handle and latex band can help work different muscle areas on the arm. 

The latex band provides an easy to medium type of resistance. It's not to difficult to stretch out the band. The more reps done with this fitness equipment, the more tiring and difficult it can be to work with. At the beginning, it seems easy or fine to work with. My exerciser only had two ropes or latex tubers. It seemed really easy and very little resistance in the beginning. 

There are many methods that this equipment can be used for. Each method can target different muscle groups. Although, the methods are not limited to the examples provided by the seller.

The foot pedals or pads do help prevent the feet from slipping. There's not enough room between the straps and the pad to use this equipment if shoes are worn. Socks and bare feet work best. There's ridges on the foot pads to help prevent the feet from slipping.

-  Lightweight equipment
- Easy to use
- Several methods to use
- Comfortable grip
- Nonslip foot pedals

- Little resistance 
(Didn't seem to do much unless many reps were done)
- Foam can easily be ripped
- Not top quality, made fairly cheap

Check out what others have to say on Amazon.

Landscape Star Projector

I received the Landscape Star Projector with Remote Control through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Red and green laser lights
  • Wireless remote
  • Different modes and speeds
  • Timer for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours
  • Projector covers over 800 sq ft
  • Weather resistant (Made to withstand rain, sun, and snow)
The Landscape Star Projector is a quick and easy way to decorate the outdoors during the Christmas season. 

The projector uses laser lights, so it's highly recommended not to aim these lights towards the sky. Like most laser lights, it can cause distractions for pilots. 

Aiming the light towards a building, like a house, barn, or shed, without aiming too high, allows the laser lights to project onto the sides of the building to create a festive decoration. Aiming towards the ground or a patio also works.

The light is screwed onto a stake. The stake goes into the ground to help hold up the light. The light can be angled and tightened to have the light project onto the desired area.

The cord isn't as long as I'd have liked it to be, but the plug-in is designed so it can be used with an extension cord. Although, if the plug-in is used with an extension cord, the connection area should be wrapped to help protect the area from the weather, such as dew, rain, and snow.

The cord gets put into the plug in with the two prongs. There's a notch that's on the cord and plug-in, so they are connected in the correct way. The cord has a screw cap that allows you to tighten the cord onto the plug-in, so it does not get pulled out by wind or animals. It also helps protect the connection from weather and moisture.

The wireless remote is powered with a CR2025 battery that is included with the product. The battery compartment is easy to open, which allows the battery to be easily changed once it dies.

The first time I used the remote, I thought the battery was dead. The battery showed that it had a good charge when I tested it.

I figured the remote may be broken then. I kept trying the remote by changing where I was aiming it. The remote needs to be directly facing and in front of the sensor for the remote to work. If there's any obstacles in the way, the remote will not work the full length that the product claims.

The remote allows you to change the speed for each mode setting. The lights can be moved very quickly, which if one is pron to motion sickness, I wouldn't recommend having the lights on a very quick speed. Slower speeds are less bothersome.

The different modes have the lights moving in various ways and speeds. The settings for changing modes and speeds allows for customization with how the laser light decoration appears.
The lights do have timers that can be set. The timer can be set for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. The timers allows for the lights to be going on without having to worry about forgetting to shut them off. The timer will automatically shut off the laser lights once the time is up.

The laser lights are red and green. The red and green lights can be going on together or separately. I prefer having the red and green lights both on.

The laser lights are bright. The lights can be projected for a long distance away. The lights can be projected up to 800 sq feet.

If one has pets, I would not recommend having these laser lights be projected where the pets, such as dogs, would go outside. The lights can be bothersome to their eyes if the pet looks directly at the projector.

I also would recommend having curtains up and closed on the side of the home or building where the projector is facing. The laser lights can shine through the windows.

I would highly recommend not facing these lights towards the roads. The laser lights could shine into the drivers eyes and distract or blind them with the brightness.

These lights are very pretty and easier putting up for decoration than normal hanging rope lights, but these lights should be used with cation because of the laser projections.

- Much easier to set up than rope lights
- Timer for automatic shut off
- Various modes and speeds
- Weather resistant
- Screw to hold cord and plug-in together and protect from moisture

- Use with caution due to laser projections

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