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Welcome to my blog. I'm Kaitlyn. Kait for short. Mar stands for Marie, which is my middle name. I'm just an average 24 year old who recently graduated with a bachelor's degree from college. I don't have any mind-blowing talents. I live in Iowa. And yes, it pretty much is all small towns, corn fields, cows, farms, and schools. The people here will wave at you as you drive past, even if you have never met before. They'll smile at you, ask you how you are, open doors for you, etc. We are very welcoming, for the most part, and have the Midwest mannerisms. 

Other tidbits about me:

  • I make random noises anytime I run into something, someone, or do something awkward. 
  • I like to make weird faces when I'm walking behind people and play it off like nothing happened when they turn around. 
  • If I'm wearing red, it's best to stay away. It usually means I'm in a bad mood. (Unless it's Christmas.)
  • I tend to use humor and sarcasm a lot. Life is too boring to always be serious.
  • Mentally, I am violent. My active imagination has probably already bopped you in the head ten times over. 
  • Physically, I can hardly kill a fly. Seriously, bugs are nasty! 
  • I get bored easily, but I am also easily amused. 
  • I love music. Anything with a good beat, has meaning, or is different will more than likely find it's way onto my iTouch. 
  • I'm good at giving advice, bad at following it. 
  • I like to play devils advocate. I will often play the opposite view or side just to see how others will react or respond. 
  • Family is important to me. I love my family, even though most of them drive me nuts. 
  • Have two furry rats (picture below)

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