Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bear Dog Hoodie

I received the Bear Dog Hoodie through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Warm, fuzzy fleece
  • Bear design
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, & XL
The dog hoodie has a very cute bear design that is amusing and adorable.

The fleece material of the hoodie is very soft to the touch. It reminds me of fuzzy fleece blankets. The fleece material does hold in their body heat. It's great for on winter nights when they have to go out into the snow and cold.

If warn for several hours, the pets could get too warm, especially if they're in doors or warmer weather, because of how well the fleece holds in they're body heat.

I did notice that the tail ball is just glued onto the fabric. It's easy to pull off or have it come loose. If a pet is a chewer, like mine, it will be ripped off the hoodie quickly.

The size of the hoodie runs very small. My dog normally wears a small in dog clothes and sweaters. She usually enjoys dressing up, especially in the winter time because it keeps her warm. My dog is a Shih Pom (Shih Tzu mixed with Pomeranian), which makes her apart of the toy breed.

Originally, I tried a small with this product and it was way too short her for. It was too short by several inches.

I had to get a large because the smaller hoodies would not fit her in length and I figured the medium still wouldn't fit due to the design of the small. The larger size didn't fit her in the chest area, which also made the hood too big for her. It annoyed her each time the hood would flop over and cover her face.

The back portion of the hoodie bothers my dog. She's not used to something rubbing near her tail or pushing it down. I could tell by the way she was walking and laying down that she did not like the hoodie at all.

I do like that the chest and length that each size is made for is listed in the description of the product, but the chest vs. length size does not seem proportionate or fitting for all dog breeds.

If this product was sold as a two piece with the bottoms (back legs) and top (chest, front legs) of the hoodie separated, the sizes would have been more to portion with how most dog clothing fits. It could also create more satisfaction for the pet if they only like a certain half of the hoodie.

- Cute
- Soft fleece

- One piece
- Length size is too short
- Runs very small in size
- Tail is just glued on 
(Pets who are chewers will get this removed easily)

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