Sunday, January 17, 2016

Foot Elastic Exerciser

I received the Home Gym Pedal Fitness Foot Elastic Exerciser through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Made with latex tube, foam, and plastic
  • Paddle handle 
Depending on how one uses the foot pedal elastic exerciser, the exercise equipment can help target and work muscle areas that include the arms, stomach, back, hips, and legs. 

The foam handles allow for a comfortable grip and helps prevent slipping during work outs. Depending on how one holds the handles, the handle and latex band can help work different muscle areas on the arm. 

The latex band provides an easy to medium type of resistance. It's not to difficult to stretch out the band. The more reps done with this fitness equipment, the more tiring and difficult it can be to work with. At the beginning, it seems easy or fine to work with. My exerciser only had two ropes or latex tubers. It seemed really easy and very little resistance in the beginning. 

There are many methods that this equipment can be used for. Each method can target different muscle groups. Although, the methods are not limited to the examples provided by the seller.

The foot pedals or pads do help prevent the feet from slipping. There's not enough room between the straps and the pad to use this equipment if shoes are worn. Socks and bare feet work best. There's ridges on the foot pads to help prevent the feet from slipping.

-  Lightweight equipment
- Easy to use
- Several methods to use
- Comfortable grip
- Nonslip foot pedals

- Little resistance 
(Didn't seem to do much unless many reps were done)
- Foam can easily be ripped
- Not top quality, made fairly cheap

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