Sunday, January 17, 2016

Landscape Star Projector

I received the Landscape Star Projector with Remote Control through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Red and green laser lights
  • Wireless remote
  • Different modes and speeds
  • Timer for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours
  • Projector covers over 800 sq ft
  • Weather resistant (Made to withstand rain, sun, and snow)
The Landscape Star Projector is a quick and easy way to decorate the outdoors during the Christmas season. 

The projector uses laser lights, so it's highly recommended not to aim these lights towards the sky. Like most laser lights, it can cause distractions for pilots. 

Aiming the light towards a building, like a house, barn, or shed, without aiming too high, allows the laser lights to project onto the sides of the building to create a festive decoration. Aiming towards the ground or a patio also works.

The light is screwed onto a stake. The stake goes into the ground to help hold up the light. The light can be angled and tightened to have the light project onto the desired area.

The cord isn't as long as I'd have liked it to be, but the plug-in is designed so it can be used with an extension cord. Although, if the plug-in is used with an extension cord, the connection area should be wrapped to help protect the area from the weather, such as dew, rain, and snow.

The cord gets put into the plug in with the two prongs. There's a notch that's on the cord and plug-in, so they are connected in the correct way. The cord has a screw cap that allows you to tighten the cord onto the plug-in, so it does not get pulled out by wind or animals. It also helps protect the connection from weather and moisture.

The wireless remote is powered with a CR2025 battery that is included with the product. The battery compartment is easy to open, which allows the battery to be easily changed once it dies.

The first time I used the remote, I thought the battery was dead. The battery showed that it had a good charge when I tested it.

I figured the remote may be broken then. I kept trying the remote by changing where I was aiming it. The remote needs to be directly facing and in front of the sensor for the remote to work. If there's any obstacles in the way, the remote will not work the full length that the product claims.

The remote allows you to change the speed for each mode setting. The lights can be moved very quickly, which if one is pron to motion sickness, I wouldn't recommend having the lights on a very quick speed. Slower speeds are less bothersome.

The different modes have the lights moving in various ways and speeds. The settings for changing modes and speeds allows for customization with how the laser light decoration appears.
The lights do have timers that can be set. The timer can be set for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. The timers allows for the lights to be going on without having to worry about forgetting to shut them off. The timer will automatically shut off the laser lights once the time is up.

The laser lights are red and green. The red and green lights can be going on together or separately. I prefer having the red and green lights both on.

The laser lights are bright. The lights can be projected for a long distance away. The lights can be projected up to 800 sq feet.

If one has pets, I would not recommend having these laser lights be projected where the pets, such as dogs, would go outside. The lights can be bothersome to their eyes if the pet looks directly at the projector.

I also would recommend having curtains up and closed on the side of the home or building where the projector is facing. The laser lights can shine through the windows.

I would highly recommend not facing these lights towards the roads. The laser lights could shine into the drivers eyes and distract or blind them with the brightness.

These lights are very pretty and easier putting up for decoration than normal hanging rope lights, but these lights should be used with cation because of the laser projections.

- Much easier to set up than rope lights
- Timer for automatic shut off
- Various modes and speeds
- Weather resistant
- Screw to hold cord and plug-in together and protect from moisture

- Use with caution due to laser projections

Check out more about these lights on Amazon.

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