Sunday, January 31, 2016

Simply Coding

I received the Simply Coding Learn to Code Javascript Platform through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Web based classes
  • Free 8 GB flashdrive
  • Learn to build 3 games
  • Works on PCs and Macs
  • Video and text tutorials 
The product provides a one-time registration code to set up an account with The  account is easy to set up, just be sure to select the correct class. In this case, it was the javascript platform.

Since these coding classes are web based, the one account can be used on multiple computers. More than one family member can use this product to learn coding.

There are 10 lessons in total with this course. Each lesson is broken down into smaller parts and includes a quiz at the end of each lesson.

If multiple people are using the one account, the lessons will be left off with the person who is the furthest along. I recommend writing down or remembering which lesson was left off with in case one surpasses you in lessons.

The courses are aimed for ages 10 and older. My niece who is a few years shy of age 10 found the lessons she read and watched the video tutorials easy follow along with. She only had a few questions and was able to understand the basics.

The lessons do require more reading than I expected, yet it's explained in a very simplified terminology. It's easy for beginners to understand.

The lessons do require one to use a web browser that is not Internet Explorer with the Javascript course. Internet Explorer blocks Javascript.

The course teach you step by step on how to design three javascript games. It starts out with the basic game of Pong during the first two lessons. The next is Fish during lessons 3 through 5. The most complicated game the course goes through is a platform game. Each lesson gets a bit more challenging with the type of coding that's being taught.

- Easy to understand
- Web-based lessons 
- Used with PC and Mac
- Video and text tutorials 

- Flash drive kept shutting off my computer
(Flash drive is a free gift included with the actual product

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