Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Eylo Emergency Flashlight

I received the Eylo Emergency Flashlight through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • 6 in 1 survival tool
  • Rechargeable LED flashlight
  • 4 settings (Bright, Dim, Strobe, SOS)
  • USB charging port for mobile devices
  • Hand crank charging system
  • Emergency flasher
  • Seat belt cutter
  • Window breaker hammer
  • 4 Magenets to attach to car

The Eylo Emergency Flashlight is a handy 6-in-1 tool to keep and use in the home or vehicle.

The flashlight is a rechargeable device, so no worrying about having extra batteries around for if the flashlight dies. The flashlight can be recharged using a micro USB cord. It can be charged through an outlet, car charger, or external battery.

If none are available or limited, the manual hand crank can work to help charge the flashlight to provide light or a small charge to mobile devices. Hand cranking may be tiring, but it is effective and useful in emergency situations.

I really like that this emergency flashlight has a port that can be used to charge a cell phone. It may not provide a full charge to mobile device, but it can provide enough to make an emergency call, send a message for help, look up a phone number for a tow truck, or check weather radars.

The seat belt cutter seems to have a decent sharpness to it. There isn't enough space between the edge and the flashlight to cut a finger or thick rope. The blade was able to cut cardboard, paper, and string when I tried it. The cardboard wasn't able to cut in one go like the others. I had to wiggle the blade and cardboard to get it to cut the entire length.

The window glass breaker hammer is useful if it's ever needed. The metal is thick and sturdy enough to break through glass. The pointed end isn't sharp enough to cut skin, but it could scratch or damage a cell phone screen. The silicone piece over the hammer helps make the pointed end less likely to cause damage when it's not being used. The silicone piece can come off easily and get lost.

The flashlight has four different settings. The long button on the side turns on the red emergency flasher. There's four magnets on the end by the flashlight that allows it to stick to a car, so the red emergency flasher is facing out and visible.

The clear flashlight end has three of the four modes. The flashlight can be bright, dim, or SOS.

This emergency flashlight is great for in the home in case of weather conditions or power loss. I mainly keep mine in the car in case of emergencies when traveling. The light works great if ever stuck on the road or needing to break out of the car.

- 4 flashlight settings
- Manual hand crank for recharging
- Charging port for flashlight and mobile devices
- Sharp seat belt blade
- Easy to use

- Silicone piece over window hammer can come off and get lost

Check out this emergency tool on Amazon.

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  1. I like that. I have other emergency type products and my husband loves when I get stuff like this to review.