Saturday, January 31, 2015

Microwave Splatter Guard

I received the Microwave Splatter Guard through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Steam release holes
  • Fits in standard size microwave
  • Microwave safe
  • Works with dishes, cups, bowls, or paper plates
  • BPA free 
  • Made with food grade plastic
  • Clear in color
  • Size: 10" x 12" 
The microwave splatter guard works great for bowls and cups. I mainly use it own bowls, both large and small. It doesn't work well on normal plates because the cover doesn't shit high enough over the food to keep from making a mess. 

The steam release holes work well to keep too much moisture from going back onto your food. It helps release some of the heat. It can get hot if in the microwave for long periods of time. 

I have noticed that the cover will bend or warp when it gets hot. It curves inwards into the bowl. After being washed and cooled off, the cover does regain most of it's original shape. 

I still prefer using glass lids or plastic lids to cover my food in the microwave, mostly because they cover the plates. When it comes to bowls or cups, I prefer using the microwave splatter guard because it covers the top completely and keeps the food inside from making a mess. 

Check out this splatter guard on amazon.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Compressions Knee Brace

I received the Compressions Brand Adjustable Knee Brace through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Adjustable Velcro
  • Neoprene (breathable) 
  • Spring steel sides provides more lateral support 
  • Stabilizes knee
  • One size fits 12" to 18" knee circumference 
  • Silicon anti-slip strips 
  • Lightweight 
  • Flexible

The Compressions Brand Knee Brace is lightweight and easy to put on. The velcro is strong and keeps it's hold through all activities, even working out, walking, or running. The silicon anti-slip strips help keep the brace in place without having it slip or slide while exercising. 

The knee brace has holes within the fabric to help make the brace breathable to avoid the knee getting sweaty or having the brace get slippery. It makes the brace more comfortable to wear. 

Going up the steps with this knee brace does feel weird because of the thick circle around the knee on the brace. It helps massage the muscle as well as provide support. 

The brace helps provide extra support around the knee to avoid having pain or injuries. It can also help with arthritis, tendinitis, meniscus tears, etc.

The only issue I had with the brace is that it smelled like rubber or silicone from the anti-slip strips. The smell took awhile to fade away.

Check out this product on amazon

Monday, January 26, 2015

Fibrite Microfiber Mop

I received the Fibrite Microfiber Mop with Bendable Mop Head and Microfiber Bristle Pad through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Able to bend 90 degrees at both ends of the mop 
  • Leaves smooth surfaces spotless and shiny
  • Helps remove residue that generic mops can't
  • Telescopic handle can extend to 49.5" (30" when retracted)
  • Microfiber pad is washable
I absolutely love this microfiber mop. The mop is lightweight and easy to use. The bendable mp head makes it easy to clean in tight or small areas. I use mine in my bed room. I always get a ton of dog hair on the floor and some dirt. The mop works great on corners, in between furniture, and under the bed.

The mop works great on wet or dry messes. It can help dust as well. With the mop being lightweight, I used it to get cobwebs out of the corners on the ceiling. With the handle retracted, it works well to help clean stairs. The mop is small, so larger areas to clean do take longer.

I tried using the microfiber mop and a normal mop interchangeably at first. I noticed that the microfiber mop had left my floor feeling cleaner. Small amounts of dirt or dust wasn't left behind or lost from the mop. The microfiber bristles helped hold onto the material.

The bendable mop head makes it very easy to take off the microfiber pad to clean or replace the the bristle pad. I'm able to wash the microfiber pad without having to deal with the awkwardness of the handle while trying to clean it.
Check out this mop on amazon

Saturday, January 24, 2015

MeasuPro OX100 Instant Read Pulse Oximeter

I received the MeasuPro OX100 Instant Read Pulse Oximeter by MeasuPro through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • The screen view/mode can be rotated, so it doesn't matter which hand it's on. 
  • OLED display
  • Comfortable, durable cushion
  • Soft lanyard
  • Black pouch with velcro closure
  • Lightweight 
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries 
  • Auto-shut off of 5 seconds 

First off, I love how silky and soft the lanyard that came with the oximeter is. It's very nice to handle. The oximeter also came in a nice black pouch that can have your belt go through the loop, so you can always have it on you. The velcro that holds it together it nice and strong, so you don't have to worry about the oximeter falling out.

The oximeter is very easy to use. It takes two AAA batteries, which is included in the package, to run. The batteries are placed in the bottom of the oximeter with the sliding plate to cover it. There's arrows that help you line up the plate to slide it back on.

The on/power button also can change settings or modes for how you view the pulse and blood oxygen levels. There's six different settings on how you view it. You can change the view as it's running.  With a bright blue letting on the OLED display, it makes it super easy to read, whether it's in daylight or at night.

The oximeter reads your blood oxygen level and your pulse quickly. It only takes a few seconds. Inside of the oximeter, where the fingertip is inserted, there's a nice comfortable and durable cushion. I was glad I didn't have to worry about my finger nails ripping the cushion or that it'd become uncomfortable or squeeze my finger too much.

The oximeter also features an auto-shut off if the fingertip is out. It shuts off after five seconds of being inactive.

The manual appears to be in both English and German. (I'm not 100% sure it's German, since I don't know how to read German. It does appear like the way some of the words in German is spelled.) The only issue I have with this oximeter is within the manual where it gives detail about what each level for pulse and blood oxygen means is not in English, it's only what appears to be German.

Other than that, the oximeter itself works fantastic! It's wonderful to have, especially since I have asthma. It helps me know when my blood oxygen level is low and I need to take my inhaler.

Check out this oximeter on amazon

Corkscrew & Wine Stopper

I received the Corkscrew and Wine Stopper by Select Culinary through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Can open wine bottles or beer bottles. 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

The corkcscrew seemed lightweight when I was holding it. My family and I had tried this corkscrew during our family Christmas. We tried it on one wine bottle and didn't like how it worked. The corkscrew tip wasn't really sharp to get it into the cork. We finally got it after wiggling it into the cork. Then it was difficult to screw the screw into the cork. It was stiff and took a few minutes. Then pushing down the handles to pop out the cork took some strength. It was pretty snug.

The corkscrew wasn't the best we've ever used, but it did get the job done. It wasn't the worst corkscrew either. It didn't break upon usage.

The wine stopper was wonderful though.

The stopper was nice and heavy duty. It fit the open wine bottle perfectly. It helped seal it without any leakage.

Check it out on amazon

Thursday, January 22, 2015

All Natural Hand Therapy by Keomi Skincare

I received the ALL Natural Hand Therapy by Keomi Skincare.

Product Info:
  • No Parabens
  • No Petrochemicals
  • Silicone Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Fragrances
  • 100% Natural & Vegan
  • Enriched with Shea & Cocoa Butter for maximum moisturizing
  • Infused with Organic Herbs & Plant Extracts
  • Fortified with Multi-Vitamins & Anti Oxidants
  • Scented with Pure Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils
The All Natural Hand Therapy came in a nice small bottle. The product had a strong floral smell. Reminded me of citrus, flowers, and mint. The smell was too strong for my nose. The smell wouldn't go away no matter how many times I washed my hands or how much time passed. It took a long while for me to get used to it or for it to fade.

The moisturizer is slightly thicker than normal lotions I'm used to.

It soaked in to the skin quickly, without needing a lot of product. It doesn't leave any greasy or oily residue/feeling behind. The moisturizer lasted for hours. It made my hands feel very soft.

I love that it's all natural. It's comforting to know there's not extra chemicals that could be harmful to my skin, since my skin gets really sensitive in the winter time.

Check out the product on amazon and on Keomi Skincare.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weight Loss Belt

I received the Weight Loss Belt by Your Weigh through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Sizes: S/M (24" - 39" waist) OR L/XL (40" - 51" waist)
  • Strong stretchable neoprene
  • Velcro to hold in place
  • Provides lower back support
  • Promotes loss of excess water weight, strengthen muscles, trip and tone waistline, and surround sore muscles with natural body generated moist heat
The weight loss belt is made of very nice stretchable material to ensure a tight or snug hold to provide more lower back support. The velcro is strong and can hold up against a lot of movement or bending. 

The belt fit comfortably. The material on the inside of the belt wasn't bothersome. It was actually very comfortable and soft. The velcro, if there's some is hanging off the sides of the belt, can be irritating or scratchy against the skin. Just readjust the velcro position can solve that issue. 

The belt works wonderful to collect excess water weight during excessive or just when sitting. It helps make you sweat without realizing it or having it dripping down your back. 

I used it when I was moving my new bed upstairs from downstairs. The mattresses were heaving, so I wanted the additional lower back support that this belt could provide. It helped quite a bit to keep me from having any lower back pains from carrying those mattresses. I didn't realize I broke a sweat until I was taking off the belt. So much water/sweat was collected in the belt. It grossed me out, but I felt better, less bloated, 

The belt was very easy to clean and wash. Hand washing using soap and water was all I needed to do. I just had to leave it hang and dry, which took several hours.

Check out this Your Weigh belt on amazon

Digital Crayon Stylus

I received the Digital Crayon Stylus through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Thick grip makes it easier for kids to hold
  • Comes with Painting Lulu coloring App (Android, Apple, and Amazon app stores)
  • Soft rubber tip prevents screen damage
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets 
  • Not for children under 3 years old
The Digital Crayon Stylus did not work well on my surface pro 3 due to the pressure sensitivity, but it worked very well on my iTouch and Smartphone. On the tablet, I had to press down hard, which made the rubber tip squish down and go to the side. On the Smartphone and iTouch, I was able to lightly touch the device to use it as a stylus. 

The App was easy to get using the QR code provided on the packaging. My nephews and nieces loved to play on the App for painting. My nephews liked it the most, but that's also because they're younger. 

It was super easy for them to hang on to with how thick the grip was. It was easier for them to hold than my small, pen-like stylus. 

I didn't like how the rubber tip felt. Yes, it did protect the screen. The rubber tip felt cheaply made, as if it'd easily break or rip. With how hard I had to press down to use it on my surface pro, I was afraid it'd break and scratch the screen. To me, the tip seems like it could rip or tear after several uses, depending on how hard one presses down with it. 

Check out this stylus on amazon

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Boson Sport - Jumpe Rope

I received the Boson Sport Jumpe Rope through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Can be adjusted to height
  • Lightweight 
  • Soft-grip handles
  • Rope length of 8' 2.45" 
  • Handles are 0.46' 
  • Designed for someone 5'9" or shorter 
I was surprised at how lightweight this jump rope was. I was expecting something heavier. The lightweight makes it easier to jump rope for longer and faster without the weight of the rope slowing you down. 

When I first got out the rope, it was a little too long for me. It didn't work well for jumping. It was very easy to adjust based on the directions that came with the jump rope inside the box. They were easy to follow. 

The soft-grip handles were very nice to hold onto. The handles also fit comfortably in my hands.

My favorite part about this jump rope was that it didn't tangle! I didn't have to wait and untangle the rope like I do with some jump ropes. I also didn't have to worry about it getting tangled up together or on something while I was jumping. 

Check out this jump rope on amazon.

Reach It Grab It

I received the Reach It Grab It Reacher Grabber Pick Stick through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Strong grip
  • Non-slip jaws/grip
  • Sturdy 
  • Helps with those who cannot or do not want to bend to pick things up
  • Made with aluminium 

First thing I noticed about this product was that it's packaging wasn't the greatest. It arrived with the company's packaging and the grabber having ripped apart. There was no damage to the actual grabber, so all was well. Plus, how would you actually package a grabber without there being a large cost to it? 

The stick felt sturdy as did the button that helped work the grabber. It didn't feel like it'd break after several uses or if a child got a hold of it. 

The non-slip grippers or "jaws" worked nicely to pick things up. It was able to pick up a coin, but it was not able to pick up something as small as a tooth pick. The jaws are able to be rotate to the direction or angle to reach items with. Just pull on the head to rotate it.
 (Note: the non-slip grippers are floppy or loose at the sides, so beware of pets who are chewers.) 
One thing I miss with this grabber stick is the locking mechanism that others have. My parents' have one that's able to lock into a certain position that makes it easier to store. 

Check out the Reach It Grab It stick on amazon

Roaring Hot ebook + Giveaway

Motorcycle racer Teo Alexiou is challenged by his grandmother to come to her birthday party with a real girlfriend. He has plenty of party girls, and he fears getting roped into marriage so he hires an actress to play the part.

The last thing Amy Suzuki wants is to be a kept woman, but her student loans are piling up and acting gigs are nonexistent. She agrees to Teo’s proposal for one summer, limited to public displays of affection.

When Teo and Amy find themselves caught in love’s grip, their new desires war with their fears. Teo wants to renegotiate, but Amy insists she’s only with him because she is paid. She would never lose her heart to a man who uses money to buy affection.

Their game playing explodes when Teo is injured on the track. Teo needs Amy, but how can she be sure of her true feelings when she’s an actress who can portray any emotion on command? Was her role in the reality show skillful acting or true love?

Roaring Hot was an addicting read! I couldn't get enough. I didn't want to put it down, even when I had to. The setting was very well described and the characters were well done. 
Teo, in my opinion, overcame the biggest changes character wise within the story. Teo Alexiou was always the playboy with women hanging on him. His grandmother isn't happy about it and demands for him to bring a girlfriend to her birthday party. Teo agrees because his grandmother is very important to him, since she was the one who raised him. Teo went from having many women to pretending and being with only one. Part of the reason I felt he avoiding being in relationships was because he had abandonment issues. He's willing to do whatever it takes to please the one person who has always stand by him, his grandmother.  
Amy was the typical, want-to-be Hollywood actress. Her roommate, who I felt was more using her than being a friend or supportive, helped get her a part where she would try to romance a motorcycle racer. Amy always seemed to over-analyze and be hyper aware of her own behavior. At times, I felt she acted robotic and didn't really know how to be herself or who she really was.  
Teo's friend and fellow racer, Ronaldo, drove me nuts. He tried too hard to get drama involved in what was supposed to be a fake show. He seemed like he had his own plans and didn't care who he double-crossed.  
Working and living in a world surrounded by acting, it's hard to see what's real and what's pretend. The pretend ending between Teo and Amy frustrated me. I had thought they felt more for each other than that, but Ronaldo played a part in how that went down. I adored the real ending, or more so beginning, for Teo and Amy. 

Available to buy from....

"Love love love love Teo!!! The chemistry between Amy and Teo was off the charts! Although I kinda dislike Amy at first she redeemed herself towards the end when she (spoiler deleted) that for me is one of the sweetest thing a girl can do for someone she says she doesn't care about. =) But Teo I LOVE HIM!!! Yeah he was a douche at times, but it goes with the territory being a billionaire's son, a hot racer but he treated Amy with respect so for me all is good. =) Highly recommended.” 
- Say Medina

"This book is my favorite romance story of the year." 
- The Wonderings of One Person

About the author
Rachelle Ayala is a bestselling Asian American author of dramatic romantic suspense and humorous, sexy contemporary romances. Her heroines are feisty and her heroes hot. She writes emotionally challenging stories but believes in the power of love and hope. 

Rachelle is the founder of an online writing group, Romance in a Month, an active member of the California Writer’s Club, Fremont Chapter, and a volunteer for the World Literary Cafe. She is a very happy woman and lives in California with her husband. She has won awards in multicultural and historical romance.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Time to Begin eBook

I received the Time to Begin: Family Life Novel by Vered Schanbel ebook through a promotion.

Book Description:
The moment she and Rani get divorced, Amalya finds out she’s pregnant again. With Rani’s baby. The last pregnancy ended badly and destroyed their relationship. It takes her a very long time to tell her news to Yona, her mother, and Anna, her best friend. And Yiftach, her old-new guy. And Rani.
Time to Begin is a beautiful and versatile novel about people who are forced to choose new paths, because the old ones have disappeared beneath their feet. 
Why was she thinking of Yona right now? That’s what was making her feel sick. Amalya sat on the stairs and put her head between her knees. Rani leaned down and put a hand on her forehead. 
“Stop, I’m fine.” She pushed his hand away. She tried to get up but stumbled and when she grabbed the railing she bent her fingernail and it hurt so much that she accidentally bit her tongue. 
“Ouch,” she blurted. Tears filled her eyes. 
Rani grabbed her for support. “That’s it, I’m driving you, I don’t care. Where’s your bike?” he asked, not letting go. 
“Over there.” She motioned with her head. 
He helped her down the stairs. “I don’t understand who rides a bike to their own divorce ceremony,” he said again. 
Don’t worry about it, you don’t have to understand me anymore. You have no further obligations. No children, no dogs, only two small goldfish in a round bowl. 
He unlocked the chain with his typical care as Amalya leaned on a nearby fence. He loaded the bike onto his shoulder with such precision that it never even touched his clean shirt. With his free hand he held onto Amalya and they walked away from the rabbinate together, legally and religiously divorced.
For me, this story was hard to get into. The beginning didn't catch my attention or keep it. It wasn't until further into the story that I started to really enjoy it.

I found it confusing at times when it came to some of the characters. There wasn't much of an introduction to them. Most of the time, names were mentioned and you got to know the characters and who they were and how they related throughout the book.

Many of the characters had different personalities that stood out and made it easier to remember who was who.

Amalya and Rani are the two main, main characters. They're getting a divorce after six years of trying to overcome struggles in their relationship. Rani seems like a good, supportive guy, but I wish he fought for Amalya more. Although, Amalya seemed like she could be very stubborn, like her father.

After the divorce, Amalya found out she was pregnant with Rani's baby. After previous troubles with pregnancies or trying to get pregnant, Amalya had her fears regarding this pregnancy. She tried to keep it to herself for as long as she could. Rani, of course, had found the ultra sound picture. He had more faith that this pregnancy could work out. He seemed to be more of the planner or the person who looked for the good in a situation.

I kept finding myself wanting to know what would happen between Amalya and her old high school guy, Yiftach. I wish there was more with him in the story.

Many of the other characters in the story also had their own issues to deal with, such as: a death/car accident, trying to find one's self, adopting a child, finding time between their personal life and their professional life, dealing with a failing relationship, etc.

Check out the ebook on amazon

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener

I received the Xtava Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Comes in 3 great designs (Can be found on amazon)
  • Ten gear temp. selection (200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Microprocessor can have plates heat quickly and evenly under 45 seconds
  • Uses Slimline ceramic tourmaline floating plates
  • Heat Resistant bag for storage 
  • Time out function shuts off device if left unattended for 30 min. 
When I first received the package containing the flat iron, I thought the flat iron would be bigger based on how big the box was. I was very pleased to find that the flat iron was smaller than I expected, which makes it very nice for traveling. It's also light weight. 

I was very impressed with the thermal bag, which allows you to put the flat iron into the heat resistant bag even with hot. This makes it great for having to put the flat iron away quickly without having to wait for the straightener to cool off. 

The cord is a perfect length to be able to able to do your hair without having to worry about accidentally unplugging the flat iron or having to stand super close to the mirror. 

I was a little worried about the on/off button being on the inside of the flat iron. I was afraid I'd burn myself when trying to shut off the straightener. 

After I tried using it, I found it was easy to turn off with how far away the button was to the flat iron. It's also easy to slide.

My favorite part about the flat iron is the temp control. There's a ten gear temperature control selection that allows you to choose between 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

There's a red blinking light (it didn't show up in pictures) that indicate what the desired temp you have it set as. There's a second blinking light to indicate what temp it is currently at. Then red lights will fill up the selections up to the temp you have it selected at as it heats up.

This flat iron can heat up very quickly, which had me very impressed and shocked. I was not expecting how quickly it'd work.

Another thing I like about the temperature control on this flat iron, is that if you selected a temp too high the first time, you can easily lower the temp selection and the flat iron will cool off while in use!

Check out the Xtava straightener on amazon