Saturday, January 17, 2015

Digital Crayon Stylus

I received the Digital Crayon Stylus through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Thick grip makes it easier for kids to hold
  • Comes with Painting Lulu coloring App (Android, Apple, and Amazon app stores)
  • Soft rubber tip prevents screen damage
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets 
  • Not for children under 3 years old
The Digital Crayon Stylus did not work well on my surface pro 3 due to the pressure sensitivity, but it worked very well on my iTouch and Smartphone. On the tablet, I had to press down hard, which made the rubber tip squish down and go to the side. On the Smartphone and iTouch, I was able to lightly touch the device to use it as a stylus. 

The App was easy to get using the QR code provided on the packaging. My nephews and nieces loved to play on the App for painting. My nephews liked it the most, but that's also because they're younger. 

It was super easy for them to hang on to with how thick the grip was. It was easier for them to hold than my small, pen-like stylus. 

I didn't like how the rubber tip felt. Yes, it did protect the screen. The rubber tip felt cheaply made, as if it'd easily break or rip. With how hard I had to press down to use it on my surface pro, I was afraid it'd break and scratch the screen. To me, the tip seems like it could rip or tear after several uses, depending on how hard one presses down with it. 

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