Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ohuhu Christmas Stocking

I received the 18-inch Christmas Stocking Felt Applique Kit by Ohuhu through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 3-D design
  • Plaid border with fabric hanging hoop
Ohuhu's Christmas Stocking has a cute 3D design that show two snowmen playing in the snow. It's a fun festive decoration.

The fabric of the stocking isn't the softest. Parts of the stocking is softer than others. The stocking doesn't have the nicest feel when you touch it. The fabric on the inside of the stocking feels cheap. The fabric on the backside of the stocking tends to gather fuzz, dust, hair, and threads.

The snowmen are the cutest part of this stocking. The nose is the only non-fabric part of the stocking. They're made of plastic. The glue holding the snowmen on and together isn't the greatest. The glue won't hold if it's pulled and yanked on hard. 

If one would get this stocking, I'd recommend using it as only part of the decor or decorations and keep it up and away from pets or kids. 

- Cute design
- Fabric hanging hoop

- Fabric isn't nice to touch
- 3D design isn't durable (glue doesn't hold the greatest)
- Backside of stocking gathers dust, hair, fuzz, etc. 

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