Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oliver & Kline Boxed Grater

 I received the Oliver & Kline Boxed Grater through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 4 in 1 Food shredder, grater, & zester
  • Comes with plastic storage bowl and lid
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Stainless steel
  • Works for garlic, potatoes, parmesan, cheeses, butter, breads, bananas, carrots, and many more
The Boxed Grater is a very nice, durable and handy grater, shredder, and zester mixed into one. It works great for garlic, potatoes, breads, frozen bananas, onions, ginger, lemons, and more. I mainly used it for cheeses, frozen butter, and carrots. 

The handle at the top of the grater makes holding onto this kitchen gadget easy. The handle is comfortable to hold and has a large enough space for your hand. 

The grater has four different types of blades to do the shredding, zesting, and grating. Each of the different sides are sharp, so I would recommend not allowing children to use this product without supervision. With proper use, the sides shouldn't do any harm. The sharpness allows you to shred or grate different types of foods easily. 

Each side is a different shape. This could change the texture, shape, and amount of food you shred or grate. 

There is a plastic bowl and lid that comes hiding in the boxed grater. The bowl and lid fit perfectly. It allows you to take up less room by storing the two items together.

The bowl allows you to store any excess shredded, zested, or grated food. The boxed grater can sit on top of the bowl and have the bowl catch the shreds or grated food. Just be careful when holding the boxed grater onto the bowl because the bowl can make the grater a bit unsteady when it's in use.

Cleaning the grater can be easy using soap and water. It only gets tough if you have food stuck towards the top of the boxed grater. If you can't fit your hand up there, just try grating/shredding food lower on the grater.

- Sharp blades/edges to grate
- Nice handle
- 4 different blade/sides
- Comes with bowl and lid

- Boxed grater can be unsteady when it's on the bowl

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