Monday, October 26, 2015

Flexible Polar Blue LED Rope

I received the 5 Foot Flexible Polar Blue LED Rope through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 5 feet long 
  • Includes 3 mounting rails & 6 screws 
  • Voltage: 120V
The Flexible Polar Blue LED Rope light is a nice ambient background light. 

The light is heavier than I had expected it to be. I expected something of lesser quality. I'm very pleased to see how heavy duty and well made the LED rope light is. The pvc material the rope light is made out of is thick and sturdy. The cord of the light is also thick and durable. It's not something that will easily break. The cords are well protected.

The entire light lite up. There was no spot with any issues. The light is a sky blue that's very bright. It's not a light that I'd have sitting out in sight because of how bright it is. It made my eyes hurt, even with the other lights in the room on. 

It is a great light to have under or behind furniture, such as a bed, bar, desk, etc. Some place where it can be hidden, yet still be bright enough to help light up an area of the room, to create a mood or setting, or just for decor. 

The only thing I wish that was different with this light is that there'd be an on/off switch. Unplugging the light and plugging it back in can be a pain if the light is plugged into a difficult to reach location. 

- Bright 
- Durable
- Long cord

- No on/off switch

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