Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup

I received the 16 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Thick walled 
  • Durable walls for hot or cold drinks
  • Safely rounded end on straw
  • Screw on lid seals tight
The 16 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup works well for either hot or cold drinks. The tumbler cup will keep hot drinks, such as hot chocolate, at hot or warm temperature depending on how long it's been in the cup and what temp you had it at. 

It keeps cold drinks cold. It won't keep cold drinks cold all day, but it will for at least an hour or two. Condensation does get on the outside of the cup, but it isn't too much where it makes it difficult to the hold the cup.

The stainless steel cup is easy to wash using soap and water. 

 The lid seals on very tight. There is a clear, rubber seal on the outer ring of the lid that helps keep the cup from spilling or leaking. It's made to keep from spilling. Although, if the cup is tipped upside down, with or without the straw in it, liquid can get out of that hole for the straw or out of the straw itself.

If the cup is knocked over onto it's side, usually, liquid does not come out of the tumbler cup. The seal on the lid protects it from leaking.

The lid does take effort to try to get it off with how tight it seals.

If you're putting on the lid, make sure you hear it do a "pop" type sound when you press it down. The sound is made with the lid is completed sealed onto the cup.

The straw has a little notice on the that's on one of the sides of the straw. This notice is there to be on the inside of the cup. It keeps the straw from getting pulled out of the cup or falling out.

The steel straw is rounded for safety reasons. It helps keep anyone from getting cut by the straw. The straw could still harm someone if they accidentally knock it on their tooth very hard, like while driving or walking.

Other than that, the only issue I have with this tumbler cup is that the straw makes an awful sound when it touches the bottom of the tumbler cup. I don't like the scratching sound.

- Keeps hot drinks hot
- Keeps cold drinks cold
- Durable
- Lid seals on tight

- Scratching noise when the straw rubs or touches the tumbler cup
- Steel straw could damage a tooth (if one is not careful) 

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