Sunday, October 25, 2015

Miss Landson Makeup Remover

I received the Miss Landson(tm) Makeup Remover through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Made with microfiber
  • Removes makeup with water
  • Machine washable
  • Chemical free
  • Soft
  • High water absorption 
I wasn't sure how well the Makeup Remover from Miss Landson would work. I've tried using washcloths, which is what this reminded me of before I started using it. The washcloths didn't work to get all my makeup off, so I was questionable of how well the Miss Landson cloth would work.

When the cloth came, I could tell right away that it was made of different material. It was so soft! It reminded me of my fuzzy blankets on my bed. I love how soft it is. 

The material of the cloth is made with microfiber. It's very absorbent when it comes to water. 

With this cloth, I was able to get off my foundation quickly without using any other type of soap, face wash, or makeup remover. The eye makeup was the more difficult part, which I don't wear a lot of or wear often. I usually just wear mascara or eye shadow on a rare occasion. It took longer and more effort to get this makeup off using just this cloth and water. 

For me, since I normally only wear foundation, this cloth works great. For those who wear eye makeup on a regular basis, this makeup cloth might not be the only makeup removing solution you'd want. 

The cloth is machine washable, so it's very easy to clean. 

- Easy to clean (machine washable)
- Just uses water
- Gets foundation off quickly
- Very soft

- Difficult to get eye makeup off with just water and the cloth

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