Sunday, October 25, 2015

In-Ear Headphones

I received the Fast Jewelry In-Ear Headphones through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Double damping system for a more pure balanced sound
  • Kevlar fiber cable
  • Volume controls compatible with most android phones (Not iOS devices)
The In-Ear Headphones came in a great container that helps protect the headphones when stored or during shipping. Several different sized earbuds came with the headphones at the bottom of the container. The earbuds do help isolate and cancel out any outside sounds. 

The headphones have a thin, fiber like cord. The cord does table easily. It tangles and warps around where the ear pieces separate. It's annoying to deal with, but the cord is flexible and helps protect the wires inside. 

The ear pieces do not list which one is for the right or left ear. They are made to go in separate ears with the way the sound or music is balanced. I could tell the difference right away when I first put them in because I had the earbuds in the wrong ears. I had to switch them quickly before it gave me a headache. 

The sounds fairly balanced when they're in the right ear. The sounds is mostly clear, depending on the songs. I listen to a variety of genres and tried these headphones. Each sounds a bit different. The sound sounds further away or distanced compared to some other headphones I've tried or use. The bass is odd. For some songs, the bass is good if you have the volume up around the medium range. When the volume is down, the bass sounds distorted, quiet, or just really far away. If the volume is up high, sound is distorted and crackles at times. It's not studio quality sound for the headphones. 

For an avid music listen, I wouldn't recommend these headphones. For someone who listens to music occasionally, then these headphones may be okay. 

The speak controls work for both Android and iOS devices. The volume controls only worked on my Android phone. They did not work on any of my iOS devices. 

- Packaging 
- Various sized earbuds
- Volume control (for Android) 

- Not deep range sound
- Music sounds far away (distant)
- If volume is loud, sound crackles and gets distorted. 
- If volume is quiet, sound is distant and hard to hear, even in a quiet room. 
- Earpieces not marked for which ear (Balance between earbuds are not equal)
- Cord tangles 

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