Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Touched to the Soul eBook

I received the Touch to the Soul ebook by Elsa Winckler through a promotion.

Book Description:
Zoe Sutherland can't stand the pushy, arrogant architect Dale Cavallo. He was just too damn sure of himself, too handsome, too…everything. Maneuvered into working as the interior decorator on his latest project, a glamorous new hotel, Zoe can't keep her mind on the job. And worse, the strange man won't give her access to the hotel's floor plans. How is she supposed to finish the design when she doesn't have the plans? And when the obnoxious man distracts her with every smoldering look, every touch...

Dale has one goal: get rid of the pesky interior designer. Since he's been forced into close proximity with the beautiful Zoe, everything's gone downhill. And to make matters worse, she's only out to further her own career—and he's not about to give her the hotel's plans so she can steal his ideas. He needs to get her out of his system, and sleeping with her seems like the best way to do that. When it comes to women, he's found the best way to handle them is to love 'em and leave 'em. But something strange is happening...because after a night of loving Zoe, he's finding it harder than ever to leave…

Book Review:
The Touch to the Soul book was a cute romance fiction story. There were moments that the story was predictable and other times I wanted to know more and see how the characters would behave.

I love that the character Zoe would stand up for herself. She's a spitfire and passionate. I could tell she was dedicated and proud of her company and the work that she does. At times though, Zoe's insecurities would get in the way. When her father left the family when she was a child, she internalized the issue. She felt that it was her fault he left. If only she was better... If her father couldn't love and stay with her, no one would. Those thoughts were only confirmed when her boyfriend from college had cheated on her. Now she'd rather leave men before they left her.

Dale is very serious about his work. He has trust issues due to a past romance using him and his talent for their own gain. Dale and his brothers work together with their hotels. The brothers banter all the time, which is quite amusing. Due to one brother marrying Zoe's sister, the brother suggested to use Zoe's company to help do the interior decor of the hotel. Dale doesn't like the idea because he's usually done the interior designs. Now forced to work together, could they put their past insecurities and trust issues to deal with the heat between them, stay focused on work, or will it all be too much?

Other than the main characters, this book left me wondering one thing... what kind of trouble has Heather, Zoe's sister, gotten herself into that caused someone to attack Zoe while they were visiting one of the hotels on the island?

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