Thursday, October 29, 2015

Self Inflating Air Pillow

I received the Self Inflating Air Pillow by Free Rein Outdoor Products through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Easy storage 
  • Air amount is adjustable 
Free Rein Outdoor Product's Self Inflating Air Pillow is great for the outdoors, camping, hiking, or for traveling. The pillow is easy to use and is quite durable.

The pillow comes in a nice storage bag that keeps the pillow rolled up when it's deflated. It doesn't take up a lot of room. The bag could fit into a backpack with plenty of room to spare. This makes taking the inflating pillow with you a breeze.

The pillow is made out of nice durable material. The green color is bright, but it makes it easy to spot if the pillow is laying in the grass. The material isn't rough. It's soft and comfortable to touch. My dogs were able to walk on the pillow with their claws and not pop a hole into the pillow. This makes it great for the outdoors because sticks, stones, or other sharp or rough objects won't damage the pillow. The material also feels like it'd be easy to wash using soap and water and wiping off the pillow. 

The pillow is very easy to use. The twist nozzel is in one of the upper corners of the pillow. It's easy to turn and has the pillow inflating in seconds. To put more air into the pillow, simply blow into the nozzle to fill up the pillow to your desired amount. I usually like my pillow to be more filled with air and it only takes a few breaths to get it to where I like it. 

Deflating the pillow or adjusting the amount when it's in use is very similar. Just unscrew the nozzle and let some air out. If you're going to store the pillow, roll up the pillow from the opposite end of the nozzle when it's open to deflate the pillow completely. Otherwise air will still be in the pillow and not fully get out. The more deflated you make the pillow when storing it, the less room it takes up. 

- Easy to use
- Easy to store
- Adjustable air amount
- Durable
- Lightweight
- Comfortable 
- Doesn't take up much room

- On smooth surfaces, it does move around if you wiggle too much

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