Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mini Christmas Tree

I received the 17-inch Mini Christmas Tree by Ohuhu through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 17 inches tall 
  • Traditional green
  • Easy to step up and store
  • Foldable branches 
  • Tree stand included
  • 56 branch tips 
  • 12 inches in diameter 
The Ohuhu Mini Christmas Tree is a nice, small decoration to set on tables, counters, stands, etc. The size of the tree works well for smaller rooms or apartments that may not have room for a big or average sized Christmas Tree. 

The tree came in a thin, long box. I was surprised with how little of room the tree takes up when it's stored in the box. The branches on the tree are that foldable that it can flatten so well to fit in that box. It doesn't take much to set this tree up.

There's three leg pieces to slid into place. It'll make a clicking sound once it's in place. As long as I heard the clicking on all three leg pieces, the stand was even and sturdy. I could put on heavy ornaments on the tree and it does not lean or fall over. 

The branches can be spread out far. There are 56 branch tips. The tree can look bare if the branches are spread out evenly or separated. If too many are clustered in one area, an area near that may look bare. When spread out, the tree looks full or almost full. 

Small ornaments look best on the 17" mini tree. The bigger the ornaments on the tree, the less room you have to put more on. Bigger ornaments also look a bit awkward on the smaller tree. 

The mini Christmas Tree works well as a decoration piece in smaller rooms, such as a bedroom, office, small living rooms, kitchen, etc. The mini tree takes up less room than a normal tree. 

- Doesn't take up much room
- Stores easily 
- Stable on flat surface
- Can hold heavy ornaments 

- Sheds 
- Pets could knock over due easily depending on where the tree is placed

Check out this mini tree on Amazon.

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