Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

I received the Portable Bluetooth Outdoor/Waterproof Speaker by AYL through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • 5-watt Audio 
  • Stronger bass and high quality sound
  • Great for outdoor sports, travel, cycling, camping, hiking, running, fishing, etc.
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Recharges in 3 hours
  • Uses bluetooth 4.0 technology 
  • 33 feet range 
  • Protected against low pressure water stream (Not submersible)
When I opened the package for this product, I was very impressed with how the speaker looked and felt. I had not expected the speaker to feel so durable and heavy duty. The speaker is slightly heavy compared to other waterproof speakers I've tried. It's heavier due to the battery and the durability of the speaker. It's truly built for the outdoors. 

The speaker came with a black carrying bag that is thick to help protect the speaker and the wires. It helps keep the product all together. The wires included are to help charge the speakers or connect it to a device if it can't connect via bluetooth. 

The speaker comes with a strap that is attached. The strap is there to carry the case, connect it to a backpack or a bike, to hang the speaker, etc. The strap is thick and strong. It won't break if the speaker gets pulled on or if the speaker is moving a bunch. (I tried to pull on the strap to see how sturdy it was. The strap stretched some, yet it went back to it's original shape quickly after I let go. It may stay stretched if it was pulled on for a very long period of time. Other than that, the strap held up very well.)

The power, volume buttons, and the pause/play button is on the side of the speaker. They're easy to press and do not stick. The power button does need to be pressed for a few seconds to turn on or off the device. The device will may a sound when it powers up or down to let you know. There will also be a light on one of the sides of the speaker in the upper left corner to let you know the device is turned on, connecting to a bluetooth device, or is connected.  

The speaker's audio jack and charging port is located on one of the sides under a cover that can be lifted up to provide room for the cords. The device takes about 3 hours to full charge and can last for several hours. Connecting via bluetooth will drain the battery quicker than using the audio jack connection.

The charging area does not completely seal out water. For a low pressure water, splashes of water, or sprinkles of water, the device is protected from. The device is not made for submersion. The wetter it gets, the more muffled the sound will be until it dries.

The sound quality of the speakers are great for the type of music I normally listen to! It's a very nice, clear sound. The bass is strong, yet it's not over powering or makes it hard to hear the lyrics of songs. The balance of the bass and sound quality with these speakers is great. Although, the louder you go with the speaker volume, the sound can get a bit distorted on certain songs. Very strong bass music can cause issues with sound quality.

The bluetooth connected synced quickly with my phone. I just turned on my bluetooth with my phone and was searching with the speaker on. My phone quickly found the speaker and I was able to sync the devices with no troubles.

The range is decent. I left my phone upstairs in my room and wondered around the house. I would loose connection no the next level of the house on the opposite side of the house from where my bedroom is.

- Durable
- Battery power length
- Bluetooth connectivity 
- High quality sound & bass 

- Bulky
- No skip or back buttons 

Check out this speaker on Amazon.

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