Friday, July 31, 2015

KOVOT XL Wine Glass

I received the the KOVOT XL Wine Glass through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • 9" tall
The KOVOT XL Wine Glass is one of the biggest wine glasses I've seen or own. The company is joking with their discription that the XL wine glass can hold an entire 750 mL wine bottle and still have room for more. The size makes the wine glass fun and great for using as a decoration.

On the down side, the glass of the wine glass seems fragile. It's not one I'd have sitting on a table, counter, etc. where a child could reach it or get knocked over. The glass at the bowl of the cup is thin. It's not the sturdiest wine glass.

The base of the wine glass is thicker and more stable. There's no wobble to the wine glass. It sits flat. There were a bit of air bubbles or roughness to the glass at the base of mine. It's not enough to cut you, but when I scraped my nail over it, it wore down my nail and made it sharp. 

This is a wine glass I prefer to use as a decorative piece or to hold other items, like candy or favorite mementos. I'm not enough of a wine drinker or alcohol drinker to use this as an actual drinking glass.

Check out this wine glass on Amazon.

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