Thursday, July 30, 2015

3 in 1 Veg Spiralizer

 I received the Kuuk 3 in 1 Veg Spiralizer through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Works on fruits & vegetables
  • Spiral cuts and noodles
  • 3 stainless steel blades
  • Hand powered 
  • Suction cup feet 
  • Stays in place

The Kuuk 3 in 1 Veg Spiralizer is a decent sized spiralizer that works on both vegetables and fruits. I'm not a big vegetable eater, so I mostly used mine for fruits, like apples, or vegetables like potatoes.

The prongs do hold some fruit or vegetables in place. The prongs don't keep them all in place. Some fruit or vegetables either fall out or off the spiralizer or they move while you're trying to cut them.

Each blade can be snapped into place on the spiralizer. Pushing the bash towards the blades and turning the handle allows you to cut the fruit or vegetables. Each blade has a different style to it.

The handle is to be hand cranked. It can be tiring if you do many fruits and vegetables or the larger ones.

 There are three types of stainless steel blades to create a different style of spiral or peel. There's a shredder blade for spaghetti-like spiral strands, the chipper blade for thicker spirals strands, and the straight blade for long, ribbon-like strands.
Towards the bottom of the spiralizer, there is a opening where the blades that are not being used can be stored. It keeps the pieces of the spiralizer together, so the extra blades don't get lost.

The spiralizer may not stay white or clean looking forever. Some fruits or vegetables may cause stains on the spiralizer.

I usually clean the spiralizer by hand with soap and water to make sure that it's all clean, although it is dishwasher safe.

Check out this spiralizer on Amazon.

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