Monday, July 27, 2015

Balloon Typhoon

I received the Balloon Typhoon through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Attaches to standard sized hoses
  • Balloons tie themselves with rubber bands
  • Fills close to 100 in a minute
I have seen a lot of commercials over the last few years about the Balloon Typhoon water balloons or something similar. I've been interested in trying them to see how well they work.

The first time trying one of the sets was very messy. I didn't have all the green sticks pushed down before I started filling them up, so it spit water everywhere. The next two sets I made sure to push down all the green sticks before screwing the set onto the hose or nozzle. 

I used a cooler to help catch all of the balloons as they fell. The water would continue to come out of the sticks after the balloons would fall off. It's certainly can be messy to use these to fill up water balloons. It's something I would use outside. 

We found that the faster the water would come out of the hose or nozzle the bigger the balloons would fill up and the quicker they would drop. 

They don't fill up enough to create a lot of tension within the balloon. You could throw the balloons at someone and they'd just bounce off onto the ground.

If the balloons hit the ground, they'd pop on the rocks that were laying around. If they hit a tree, they would pop on contact.

If the balloons were left to sit in the cooler for an hour or more, they would leak from where they were tied. They wouldn't stay filled for long.

We reused the balloons that got too small and filled them up the traditional way. The water balloons that were included with this water balloon set were very stretchy and nice to fill up. They were easy to tie the traditional way too because of how much they could stretch.

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