Monday, May 18, 2015

Fabric & Lint Shaver

I received the Cordless Fabric and Lint Shaver through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Removes pills, lint, and fuzz 
  • Works on clothing, upholstery, drapes, blankets, carpets, etc. 
  • 2.5" shaving surface 
  • Comes with: Power cord, small brush, and the shaver 

The first time I used this shaver, I didn't take the time to try to find where the batteries go and what type it takes. I used the power cord to get it to work. The power cord is the perfect length for me to use it by plugging it in the bathroom outlet and using it by the washer and drier. The cord is about 5ft long and the washer and drier is right outside the bathroom door. The length worked perfect for me.

I was a bit nervous to use the shaver on some of my clothing because it recommends not to use it on soft fabrics. Most of my shirts are either soft or thin for the fabric. The first two shirts I tried got a little hole in them, not even a size of a pea or as big as the holes on the shaver. The holes were tiny. I realized my mistake was because I was pressing too hard with putting the shaver to the fabric. If I just lightly held it above the fabric, the shaver would use it's suction force to help pick up and cut off any lint, pills, or fuzz.

After I learned the trick, working the shaver with my shirts was a breeze.

The cap of the shaving area can be unscrewed and the blades are inside. I highly recommend keeping this out of the reach of small children or young teens for this reason. Older teens and adults would be more careful with handling this shaver.

The little brush that comes with the shaver helps to remove the lint from the blades as well.

The first time using this fabric and lint shaver, I used it on a lot of my shirts before I washed them. I was amazed at how much fuzz it was able to get off on many of the shirts.

The main shirt that I had a problem with where it was pilling badly took longer than the rest to work off the pills. I went in circles over the pills until I was satisfied with the amount that remained or that they were all gone.

To empty the area that the lint, pills, and fuzz gets stored with the shaver, you just pull down on the plastic clear part until it pops off. Be careful because it can be messy.

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