Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Titan Military 550 Paracord

I received the Titan Military 550 Pink Paracord through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 100 Ft
  • Paracord minimum strength is 550Ibs 
  • Uses: Home, Auto, Emergencies, Camping, Survival Kits, Disaster Prep, But-Out Bags, Crafting, etc. 
  • 5/32" in diameter
  • 21 individual strands braided into 3-strand yarns 
I had not used a paracord before I received this product. I had tried bungee cords to help with auto uses, such as keeping a bumper on or tying a bike to a rake. Those work well, but the ones I have used were not long. This paracord is 100Ft long and military grade. There are ways to cut the paracord down to shorten it to desired lengths.

I found that the paracord works great for hanging up clothes to dry. Once tying them to different posts, the paracord is able to handle the strength of wet clothing, blankets, tarps, etc. without getting weighed down too much or breaking. This is especially helpful when camping. 

This cord can work to tie things to backpacks for hiking or to help make a pulley. That way more of the weight and stress goes onto the paracord rather than your body. 

The paracord works for auto uses for tying items to the top of the vehicle to keep it in place. The paracord doesn't slip or slide much, so it's able to hold item in place while on the road.

This paracord is overall utility type cord. It can be used for survival means, auto and house needs, outdoor functions. The strength of the cord allows it to be used for many different things. 

Check out this paracord and the colors in comes in on Amazon.

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