Saturday, March 7, 2015

"What Night?" Funny Wine Glass

I received the "What Night?" Funny Wine Glass through a promotion? 

Product Info:
  • USA made
  • Made with Libbey glassware
  • Easy to read text
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can hold 12.75 oz. of wine
  • Well packaged
First thing I noticed when I received this product was that it was well packaged. I've received glassware products before that were broken and shattered due to lack of packaging. This one was packaged very well! You could tell the company cares about their product. It was wrapped within 3 or 4 sheets of bubble wrap, then in a box, then wrapping with amazon air packing, and in an amazon box. I was pleased with how well it was packaged.

I had thought when I first got approved and ordered this product that the glass would be thin, breakable, and cheap. I am extremely pleased to be wrong. The glass is nice and thick. It's very well made. There is a slight wobble at the bottom when the glass is sitting down and empty, but it's not a big enough wobble to become a problem or cause any issues. 

I love the saying on the wine glass. It's cute. I love the line marking the best though, which is with the sayings. I don't like alcohol straight, even wine. I usually mix mine with soda to give a different flavor, less bitter. I use the line markings to measure how much alcohol (wine or flavored vodka) with the "Good Night" marking. I then add soda until it reaches the "What Night" marking. It makes the perfect mix for me. 

This came in handy on the nights class work (homework) was driving me nuts. 

The wine glass is also very easy to wash. The glass is dishwasher safe. The lettering/markings don't come off in the dishwasher with the number of times I've used it. It also is easy to wash in the sink due to the wide opening at the top.

This has become my favorite wine glass to use.

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