Monday, August 1, 2016

Peacock Bloom Candleholder

I received the Peacock Bloom Candleholder through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Iron stem 
  • Blue, Green, and Silver in color
  • 9.7" x 5" x 5" 
  • Made with iron, glass, and plastic

The Peacock candleholder is a cute and colorful decoration piece.

The glass portion of the peacock candleholder is able to fit small tealight candles. I prefer using the battery tealight candles. Real candles tend to make the glass get hot and difficult to clean out.

The color on the glass is very pretty and fits my color theme well.

The candleholder is very top heavy from the glass. It sits well on a flat surface. I would recommend keeping the candleholder away from a counter edge, a table that gets bumped, away from kids reach, and away from pets.

The stem looks cheap compared to the glass holder. I'm not a big fan of the leaves. They've very thin and easy to bend. If bent too far, they could break.

- Color on the glass
- Glass portion looks cute

- Top heavy
- Stem looks cheap
- Leaves are easily bent and can be broken 

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