Wednesday, May 11, 2016

NYC Night Canvas

I received the New York City Nighttime Skyline Canvas through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 12" x 16"
  • Stretched canvas 
  • Features Empire State Building & One World Trade Center 
  • Original photo taken by Brooklyn Based photographer Rising Waters Photography
  • Lightweight
  • Can hang by 3M command hook or thumb tack
  • Real wooden frame
  • Metal hanging hook already attached 

The NYC Nighttime Canvas is a beautiful canvas print for many styles of decor. The variety of colors in the print can help make it match to different color schemes that decors can have.

The canvas print is much prettier in person than I expected it to be. The amount of detail that is visible and clear in the image surprised me. The photo is a busy image with plenty to look at.

A part of me does wish that further away lines weren't so blurred, as well as some of the lighting. The other part of me realizes that those help brighten the image and create the depth perception.

The frame of the photo is wooden and sturdy. There are a few areas on the wooden frame that's rough, but that side is hidden once the canvas is hung up or displayed.

The staples are okay. The cardboard pieces on the corners when the canvas arrived had me a little nervous taking it off because it was stabled to the rest of the canvas. One staple ended up coming off with the cardboard and another raised half way out. The rest stayed in place.

Like most canvases, this print could be damaged if punctured in the middle where the wooden frame does not provide backing.

Overall, this canvas print is beautiful and fits in with my color scheme well.

- Great detail
- Variety of colors in photograph
- Nice wooden frame
- Thick canvas
- Depth perception in photo

- Lights on print look blurred 
- Some staples came out when cardboard edges were removed 

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