Monday, February 29, 2016

Neck Pain Relief Pad

I received the Insta Cure Neck Pain Relief Pad through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Helps keep neck in place
  • Cradles head 
I laughed when I first saw this product in person. It's such a cheaply made product. Made with plastic and foam. It was disappointing to see.

This product is a huge joke. 

It's not a one-size fits all type of product. It works best for smaller heads. I have a medium to small sized head and it fits okay. Larger heads wouldn't fit comfortably. 

If laying down and using this pad, it can help keep the neck in place and cushioned.

If using this with a chair, the curved end of the pad to fit on the back of the chair does not fit most chairs. In fact, it doesn't fit any of my chairs.

I'm lucky enough that I could get the pad to hang on my chair, but I'm afraid it'll wreck the fabric of my chair. I don't keep it on there unless my neck is bugging me.

This pad does NOT create a instant relief from neck pain. It does not cure neck pain either. This pad just helps hold the neck in a natural position to reduce strain on the neck. It will not heal or cure any previous condition nor prevent one from happening.

- Helps hold neck in place
- Small to medium sized heads are cradled by pad

- Pads don't fit on all chairs
- Pad does not fit all heads
- Very cheaply made 
- All heads (such as larger heads) will not fit this pad
- Will NOT crease or cause an instant cure to neck issues or pain 

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