Thursday, February 25, 2016

Andean Planet Bracelet

I received the Azurite & Silver Toggle Bracelet "Andean Planet" through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Made with .925 sterling silver and azurite 
  • Toggle clasp 
  • 7.25" long bracelet 
  • Made in Peru 
The first thing I noticed about the andean planet bracelet when it came was that it came with a little booklet about "every treasure has a story..." I expected that booklet to be about the artist and the bracelet, but it talked about a Lace Sweetheart, bathed in gold, and a necklace. It had nothing to do with the bracelet, which disappointed me. Made me wonder if that's even the artist who worked on or designed the style of the bracelet.

The bracelet of itself is very pretty. I love the color of the beads and the detail of their painting. The sterling silver is very shiny and reflects the colors the beads are next to.

The bracelet does pinch skin at times or grabs arm hair.

The bracelet is small. It's 7.25" long with very little stretch. The lack of stretch makes me worried that it'll snap when putting the bracelet on or off. I have a small wrist. The bracelet fits on my wrist okay, yet it doesn't have the ability to move much. If the bracelet does move down my arm a bit, it leaves indents and marks from the bracelet. It's not entirely comfortable.

The clasp of the bracelet is a pain. I usually like toggle clasp, but the bracelet doesn't have enough length or stretch to get the bracelet on easily. It took several attempts to just get flat end of the toggle clasp through the loop. Trying to get the bracelet is just as difficult.

- Beautiful Beads

- Short bracelet 
- Toggle Clasp is difficult to get on and off
- Pinches skin / Pulls hair

Check out this bracelet on Amazon.

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