Sunday, March 13, 2016

Yogi Bear Dog Toy

I received the Yogi Bear Dog Toy through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Designed for aggressive chewers
  • Works for all sizes of breeds
Although this dog toy claims it's for aggressive chewers, the amount this toy sheds it's fuzz makes me question how durable it truly is. There are some areas where the thread is showing. There's enough space where the pet can get it's teeth under the threads and break them. This toy isn't the "best" for aggressive chewers.

The toy has a variety of parts to the bear that's different sizes. The different sizes allow the toy to be used for pets of all sizes. My toy breed dog is able to carry this toy around. She just can't fit her mouth around where the tennis ball is.

My dog has yet to break the toy for one main reason. She doesn't like to play with it. The bear doesn't make a lot of noise. There's no squeaky toy to this bear. My dog prefers toys where she can squeak them and make plenty of noise. The toy just seems to bore her more than anything. I can get her to play with the toy for less than two minutes at a time before she gets bored and quits fetching or playing tug-a-war.

- Cute

- Easy to pull out fuzz
- Threads are noticeable and breakable
- Not durable
- Boring toy (Doesn't make noise)

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