Saturday, December 12, 2015

Terra Friendly Travel Pillow

I received the Terra Friendly Camping Travel Pillow through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Self-inflating
  • Lightweight
  • Soft 100% cotton pillow case
  • Provides neck and back support
  • Non-slip side on pillow

The Terra Friendly Travel Pillow works great for camping, traveling, hiking, or any other activity where one might be on the move. This pillow even works to have a pillow stored in your vehicle for traveling or emergency uses.

The pillow has multi-chamber foam insulation to help provide extra support and comfort. The pillow is fairly comfortable, although I prefer to have it inflated.

The pillow is self-inflating, but it doesn't inflate much by itself. I usually blow mine up until it reaches my desired amount. The valve can be opened and release some of the air to help adjust it's inflation level once it's been inflated.

The backside of the pillow has a non-slip backing to keep the pillow from sliding around when it's not in the pillow case. I prefer the pillow to be in the pillow case because of how soft the pillow case is.

The pillow case is made with 100% cotton material. The pillow case is machine washable and super soft. I love the feel of the pillow case.

The first time I went to put the pillow into the case with how inflated I had the it made me worried that the pillow wouldn't fit when fully inflated. The pillow fit perfectly.

The pillow case case has velcro to help keep the pillow inside and the case closed up.

I usually keep the valve portion of the pillow towards the top of the opening of the pillow case. This way I can adjust the pillow while it's in the case and the valve isn't hitting my shoulders or neck.

- Comfortable
- Easy to adjust inflation
- Super soft pillow case
- Washable pillow case
- Lightweight
- Compacts and easy to store

- Doesn't inflate much on it's own

Check out this travel pillow on Amazon.

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