Thursday, December 10, 2015

Optical Wireless Mouse

I received the M535 Optical Wireless Mouse through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Choice of 3 different positions for thumb
  • Comfortable
  • Back/Forward buttons
  • Smooth roller
  • Moves smoothly on many surfaces
  • Ergonomic hold
  • Takes 2 AAA batteries (included)
My first reaction to this mouse that it's huge! Compared to other mice I have used in the past, this mouse is about twice the size. The difference comes from the ergonomic design where your entire hand can rest on the mouse rather than curling around it. 

The mouse is very comfortable to hold and use. It takes time to get used to this mouse, especially if going from a smaller mouse to this one in a short period of time. It doesn't feel like what I'm used to, but the way my hand gets positioned on this mouse is feels more natural. My hand doesn't end up hurting after hours of use. 

There are seven different buttons on this mouse that can be customized using this mouse's application that is on the driver disk. Instillation is easy and quick. The centering the scroller on the screen button on the mouse only works once the application is installed. I don't notice much different when messing with the DPI button. The mouse speed was fairly similar, only a very small difference in speed. 

Other buttons that can be customized or changed include: 
- Back and forward buttons located on the thumb piece
- Scroller button 
- Wheel up and wheel down 
- Right and left click 

The different positions for the thumbs allow you and your family members to customize their hold for what's most comfortable for them.

I prefer the thumb piece to be positioned in the middle. The closed thumb piece, where it's up against the side of the mouse, feels too brought in for me. It makes my thumb feel odd. The first notch, the middle option, feels natural and just right for my hand size. The second notch, furthest out, makes the mouse feel too large for my hand.

There's a button on the bottom of the mouse that says "Press." This button allows you to push in the thumb piece or pop it out for the customized hold.

The mouse takes 2 AAA batteries to work. The batteries are included with the product. To open the battery compartment, there is a sliding knob that says "Open." The compartment will pop open on it's own. Then just flip the mouse over and the lid comes right off.

Inside the battery compartment is where the small usb connector is for this mouse. This usb connector is a little difficult to get out if you don't have small fingers or nails. I found grabbing the usb connector the long ways is easier to grab and pull out.

It's wireless, which is perfect for me. The speed of the wireless mouse is excellent; there's no delays. You can adjust the speed of the mouse through the application if the mouse is too slow or fast for you.

- Thumb piece customization 
- Moves nicely on different surfaces
- Smooth scrolling
- Easy to click buttons
- Ergonomic design for teens and adults 

- DPI button didn't change mouse speed sensitivity much
- Mouse may be too big for small children's hands (Some preteens as well)

Check out this product on Amazon.

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