Monday, December 14, 2015

Portable Humidifier Stick

I received the the Portable Humidifier Stick by Air-N-Mist through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Portable
  • Helps keep skin healthy
  • Helps reduces the spread of germs in the air 
  • Helps sinuses not dry out
  • Quiet
  • Comes with 2 filters (one inside stick already)
  • USB cord with on/off button
  • Produces a lot of mist 
The Portable Humidifier Stick is very small, easy to store and travel with, and lightweight. 

I was pleased to see that the humidifier stick came with two filters. At first, I thought there was only one until I got the stick twisted open.

Like most humidifiers, the stick works best with distilled water. It helps keep the filter and the humidifier cleaner and no extra build up. I usually don't have distilled water with me, so I use regular tap or spring water. The stick gets a build up on the metal part on top of the stick, where the mist comes out at. The opening to this part is wide enough that I can use to my pinkie nail to help scrap off and clean the metal piece. If I was using distilled water, it's not likely that I'd have this issue. 

The humidifier stick works in cups that are 8 oz in size or smaller. Larger glass work, as long as they are not filled all the way full. Otherwise, the stick could fall beneath the water and not create the mist like it's suppose to and could cause water damage to the charging port and cord. 

The top of the humidifier stick is wide enough that the stick can be used in a water bottle. The stick doesn't fall into a normal, plastic water bottle. The stick does not reach the bottom of the water bottle, so not all the water can be used. 

I've found that the stick works longer using an 8oz cup that's filled up rather than a water bottle because the stick does not fit all the way down into the water bottle. 

The humidifier stick impressed me with how much mist the little stick can provide. I've tried portable humidifiers before that don't let out a lot of mist. This one seems to put out as much steam as a larger humidifier. On the down side, this does cause the stick to go through water faster than if it was putting out less mist. If in an 8oz glass filled up, the stick may not have enough water to be able to run a full 8 hours. I wouldn't recommend using this portable humidifier during the entire night while you sleep. I would recommend using it a few hours before hand to help bring in the moisture to the air. 

Doing this has helped me not wake up with dry sinuses or bloody noses. I'm able to sleep comfortably with the moisture this stick helps bring into the air. 

The humidifier stick works best for smaller rooms, such as a bedroom or bathroom. Living rooms could be too large for the humidifier to put out enough moisture to notice the difference. 

- Lightweight
- Puts out a lot of mist
- Comes with 2 filters

- Can go through water quick 
- Isn't long enough to reach to use all the water in a water bottle

Check out this humidifier on AirNMist's website or Amazon

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