Saturday, December 5, 2015

Kahn Decor Candle Holder

I received the Kahn Decor Candle Holder with Romantic Love Quote through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Love quote
  • Silver color
  • Tealights or small votive candles
The Kahn Decor Candle Holder is an adorable addition to most decor themes or styles. The holder works well as a centerpiece, on an end table or shelf, or any other location. The silver looking holder will reflect the nearby colors that helps make it match the current decor.

The decor candle holder is made of durable glass that's engraved with the love quote. The glass is thick and made in a way that it won't get broken easily. The glass on the bottom for example is thick and sturdy. It's well balanced and lays flat on the surface it's put on.

There's three sides that has the love quote engraved into the glass. On one of the sides, the "Love" was faded and difficult to see. The other three sides had the entire quote easily read and seen. The reflective silver on the holder can make it difficult to read in bright lighting. If there's a candle inside the holder, the quote can be seen in any lighting. It looks best in darker areas because the candles create a warm glow with this holder and makes the words pop.

The quote, "Love is just a world until someone comes along and gives it meaning," is very cute. It's romantic, true, and very relate-able. The quote does not have to be relating to a romantic relationship. The quote can stand true for families or any other relationship where one loves and cares of another.

The outside of the glass tends to get a lot of fingerprints on the glass. The glass can easily be wiped off and cleaned. 

The inside of the holder is large enough to hold a tealight or other small candles. I prefer using flameless LED like candles. They're less messy and I don't have to worry about flames or heat in this holder or in my room. 

- Nice love quote
- Durable glass
- Sits flat (no wobble)

- Gets fingerprints on glass (but can be cleaned/wiped off easily)
- "Love" was faded on one side

Check out this candle holder on Amazon.

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