Friday, November 27, 2015

Rubber Broom

I received the Rubber Broom with Soft Natural Rubber Bristles through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Made of single cast natural rubber
  • Friction of rubber bristles with hard wood create static charge to pick up dust, hair, fluff, etc. 
  • Soft rubber bristles
  • Don't scratch furniture 
  • Squeegee on edge of broom
  • Works on hardwood, carpet, tile, etc. 
The rubber broom works to help clean up floors or small spills. 

The handle is expandable. Twisting and pulling the handle upwards allows you to expand the handle at any position along the inside part of the handle. It can be twisted to tighten and lock the handle into the desired position or height. 

The broom end is easy to twist on. If twisted fully onto the handle, the broom end tends to stay well, even during use. 

The rubber bristles are soft, but they don't always move well on some surfaces. Depending on which direction the broom is being pushed, the bristles could get stuck and make the broom skip or skid. 

The rubber bristles do create a static cling when moving on hardwood floor or carpet. The bristles will pick up and have dust, hair, and light weight dirt cling to the bristles. It can be a pain to clean the bristles off, especially picking off pet hair. 

The squeegee works to help get smalls pills or excess liquid cleaned up. It gets into a pile to help clean up the messes to make it easier to mop up or soak up with a rag or towel.

- Helps clean up messes that are liquid and dry
- Expandable handle

- Hard to clean off hair from bristles

Check out this broom on Amazon.

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