Monday, November 30, 2015

Multitool Ombir Pro by Vodiy

I received the Multitool Ombir Pro by Vodiy through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Comes with nylon sheath
  • 11 screwdriver and hex key bits
  • Sturdy 
The Vodiy multitool works well for many of the basic needs for tools. There is around 10 or more different tools or uses with this multitool. The only thing it does not contain is a light. 

The multitool comes in a nylon sheath. It fits snug, yet the tool can be pulled out easily. The hex key and screwdriver bits fit in the outside pocket of the sheath. 

The spring to the wire cutter seems loose. It springs open very easily and quickly. It makes me worried that it might come apart in that area.

The variety of tools with this device includes, wire cutter, wire stripper, straight long blade, phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, saw, awl, double sided file, and attachable screwdriver and hex key bits. 

The knives and blades all feel fairly sharp. They're not sharp enough to cut through skin if one is being careful, but it's still not something to allow children to play with or use without supervision. 

The tools are stiff and hard to pull out of the multitool. It makes it safer, so no blades or knives come out when they're not suppose to. It does make it more time consuming to get the tools out. It doesn't take too long. I usually have to start with the blades and file first and then get the rest of the tools on that side out. 

One of my main concerns with this multitool was how well the attachable bits would work. The metal piece to attach it seems loose and can be pulled off easily. There is a magnetic piece on the inside where it attaches that helps keep the bits in place. I could turn the tool upside and shake the tool vigorously without the attachable pieces coming off.

- Attachable bits are magnetic
- Blades are sharp
- Variety of tools and uses

- Spring seems loose 
- Attachable bits could get lost

 Check out more about this product on Amazon.

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