Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Miss & Co. Delicates Laundry Bags

I received the Miss & Co. Delicates Laundry Bags through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Durable mesh material 
  • Non-bleed colors 
  • Strong zipper
  • 5 different bag sizes (Large, Medium, Small, and 2 bra bags)
The delicates bags come in three main sizes. Large, Medium, and small sized bags. The large is very large. I'm able to fit more than one sweater into this bag and still have room. The medium sized bag is my favorite to use. The small size can still fit at least two shirts and still have room. 

The mesh that the bags are made out of is durable and close together. It helps prevent colors from bleeding from one clothing item to another. 

The zippers are strong. They zip fairly smoothly. They are not quiet zippers. They do make some noise. The zipper doesn't really catch on the bag or clothing item, as long as the bag isn't overflowing. 

The 2 bra bags are very nice. I prefer the bright pink because it fits my bras easier. The lighter pink one doesn't have as much room and it can be a struggle to try to fully close this bag. The light pink bag has popped open on me while it was in use. For smaller bras, this bag would work fine. The brighter pink one works for bras at any size. The zipper on the bright pink one is very nice and zips smoothly. It doesn't catch on the bag or pop open while it's in the washer or drier. The colors on the bra bags do not bleed.

The brighter pink bra bag has more cushion to protect bras, especially wired or shapely bras, from getting damaged while in the wash or drier. It keeps the bra from getting flatted or have it's wires damaged.

- Protects clothes from bleeding colors
- Good zippers
- Bright pink bra bag protects the bras and fits any size

- Light pink bra bag doesn't fit bigger bras and has little protection
- Light pink bra bag may pop open while in the washer or drier

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