Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Krazilla Bluetooth Speaker

I received the Krazilla Home Lux Bluetooth Speaker through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 2.5" black speaker mesh top
  • Built in microphone
The first thing I noticed when I got the Krazilla Home Lux Bluetooth Speaker is that I had ordered blue. That doesn't look blue. I never received any message saying, "By the way, we're out of blue, but we have yellow." 

I noticed that the four buttons all look alike. I didn't know there was any image to the buttons until I tilted the speaker and had the light hitting it just right to see what button was what. There is directions and information on the buttons on the back of the box the speaker comes in. 

The cords were included with the speaker, which is great. It makes connecting it to a device very quick and easy. The cords all stay within the speaker well and don't wiggle. 

The speaker comes with it's battery and it can be replaced. 

The on/off sliding button is located on the back of the speaker. 

The speaker is easy to connect via bluetooth, but the connection isn't great. The speaker skips at times, especially if you have it connected to your phone and a message comes in. The speaker when the bluetooth is working correctly does have a good sound to it. You're able to hear the music, lyrics, etc. clearly. The microphone that is built into the speaker also works fine. 

The bluetooth connectivity didn't seem to last as far away as it claimed to. I could go to a few rooms away with the speaker and leave my phone in my room and have it still work, but the connection didn't last 30 feet. 

- Comes with battery and cords
- Easy to connect 

- Picture on buttons is hard to see
- Bluetooth connection gets lost or skips
- Not the color ordered
- Glue on product doesn't stick (black decal and rubber on bottom)

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