Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dr Whitening Nano Whitening Brush

I received the Dr Whitening Nano Whitening Brush through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Helps remove surface stains
  • Use anywhere, just add water
  • Gentle on teeth
  • Safe on enamel
The Nano Whitening Brush is a nice way to rub or polish off surface stains to help whiten teeth. 

The kit comes with two of the brushes with several refills for the whitening sponge. The sponges work to help remove any surface stains, such as coffee stains. The sponge helps get rid of any plaque on the teeth as well. 

The nano brush is gentle on the teeth. I was a little worried it would make my teeth sensitive ore sore, since I had not used any whitening kit in awhile. I was very pleased to find that it just left my teeth feeling clean. 

This kit is small and very portable. It makes trying to remove stains or whitening teeth on-the-go very easy. It beats having to try whitening teeth with a light, a pen, or gel. On the downside, this brush only gets the surface stains. It doesn't get any longer or deeper stains. One may not see a huge difference in the whiteness of their teeth after using this nano whitening brush. I could tell my teeth felt cleaner after using this brush because it helped remove any plaque off my teeth. 

It is recommended to rinse or gargle after using the brush to help remove any product left on the teeth or any plaque.

The sponges could be easier to replace. Getting the nano brush open can be tricky. I used a pair of clean scissors to get it into the space on top to help pry it open. After that, it was just taking out the old sponge and replacing it with a new. Closing the brush back shut is quick. 

- Easy to use (just add water)
- Not as messy as other whitening methods
- Gentle on teeth & enamel
- Leaves teeth feeling clean
- Easy to replace used sponges (if you have something to pry open the nano brush)

- Only gets surface stains (More permanent stains are not touched)

Find out more info on this produce on Dr. Whitening's website or Amazon

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