Saturday, November 7, 2015

FSL Reflex Bluetooth Sport Earbuds

I received the FSL Reflex Bluetooth Sport Earbuds through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Easy to use
  • Hardcase package 
  • Several different sized rubber eartips 
  • Water resistant 
These bluetooth earbuds come with a variety of eartips. This gives you a choice between the different sizes for the best fitting eartips to help cancel out outside noises and keep the earbuds in the ear. 

These earbuds are slightly too big for my ears. They don't fit or stay in my ears the best, even with the smallest eartip. It's not the eartip that causes the problem for me. It's the earbud piece that's bigger. It makes it stick outside my ear and either catches on my hair or slips out of my ear. If I'm holding still, the headphones stay in fine. I've always had issues with many different headphones due to my smaller ears. Those with medium sized or bigger ears shouldn't have this same problem. 

The headphones are easy to charge. The charging cord plugs into one of the earbuds. The speaker and volume controls of the headphones will have a red indicator light when it's charging and a blue light when it's done. 

The power, place, speaker button on the headphone's wire is what turns on or off these headphones. You have to press the "play" button for several seconds until a pinkish light comes on indicating that it's on. The light will flash red and blue when it's searching for a device. It's fairly easy to connect. 

The sound is very nice. The sound range is wonderful and balanced. There's enough bass to give music depth, yet not too much that it becomes overpowering. The bluetooth connection is strong and keeps the sound quality excellent, but the bluetooth range is short. It only stays up for less than five feet.

- Good sound quality
- Balanced
- Good bass
- Easy to connect and use
- Indicator light to show charge
- Variety of eartips

- Earbud part is too big that it doesn't fit in my small ears 
- Short bluetooth range 

Check out this product on Amazon.

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