Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Watercolor Set

I received the Watercolor Tablets Set by Eunectes through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • 24 vibrant colors 
  • Brush & white paint included
  • Lightweight 
The watercolor set came in a hard plastic case that can be flipped open and closed easily. It has a snap shut lid to make sure that the paint and paint brush stays within the container and doesn't fall out when traveling. 

The container will leak if the paint or brush is wet. If the items inside are very wet, the more of a mess the container could make if it leaks out. Best to let dry or lay flat. 

The brush that comes with the container is a size 4. It's a small to average sized brush. It's a good size for many paintings. It's not the best for very small details. The brush fibers feel soft. They do spread out easily. It's not the best brush for clean lines. It is a good beginner's brush though. It's also easy to clean.
At first, I thought there was just the 12 colors and the white paint. I was confused at where the other 12 were at. It took me awhile to realize that the tray can be lifted out and the other colors were hiding underneath. There's small little tabs on the tray to help lift or slide it out.

The 24 colors is great to use for many types of painting. They give you a variety of tones of the basic colors, such as red, blue, purple, green, yellow, etc. To get even more colors, just mix them together.

The colors do provide good colors or layers on the canvas. Most of the colors stand out very well. The lighter colors are harder to see on a white canvas unless other colors are with it. The more water you put with the paint, the thinner the layer of paint will be when it gets on the canvas or the more toned down the color will be. This could cause you to have to use more layers of that paint color. It also helps provide shadowing and highlighting to make parts of the painting stand out.

Overall, the colors are great, they go on easy, mix well with water, and the brush works good.

- Nice set of colors
- Brush is soft
- Mixes with water well

- Case seems fragile around hinges 
- Tray can be difficult to get out 

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