Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ohuhu Expandable Hose

I received the Ohuhu 75 Feet Expandable Garden Hose through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • 75 feet at full length 
  • Made with polymer material
  • Durable hose material
  • Connector pieces of hose are plastic (not durable
  • Flexible 
  • 8 pattern spray
  • Hose holder
I was surprised by the small box that the hose came in. I had expected something bigger and heavier. The Ohuhu hose can be rolled up, so it takes up a small amount of room in storage when it's deflated, which is great during the winter months where I live. 

The hose holder happened to be a plastic material, although it does look like it could be made of metal. To me, it seemed like a cheap plastic that could easily be broken if someone puts too much pressure on it. The hose holder is able to handle the weight of the hose, which isn't that heavy. The hose holder has enough room for the hose to be wrapped around the holder several times to keep it up and off the ground. 

The hose is a nice length for around my house and near the garden. When the hose is deflated, it's about 25 feet long. When the hose has water running through it, it expands to be about 75 feet. The hose is small in diameter. Maybe about an inch and a half or less wide. 

The hose is more durable than I thought it would be. My dog who is still in her puppy stage got a hold of part of the hose and tried chewing on it a little before I caught her. She didn't leave any teeth marks in it, nor did she pop any holes in it. I was pleased that it held up against her sharp teeth. 

When I first ran the hose, I couldn't get the sprayer to turn on right away, so I had a moment of panic where I thought the hose would explode due to the amount of water quickly running through it. Thankfully, the hose was still expanding by the time I got the sprayer to work and released some of the water pressure building up. 

The 8 pattern sprayer works well. There's no leaking where it connects to the hose. It's not too tight of a squeeze, but it's not overly loose either. There is a little tab to lock the sprayer into place, so you don't have to keep holding the trigger or handle down. Each of the patterns worked well for me. Each one had a different amount of water pressure or amount of water that would come out. 

There are two main downsides that I found with this hose. 

First, the plastic pieces that hook the hose to the sprayer and to the water nozzle seem cheap. They seem like they could break off easily if someone gets too rough with the hose. 

Second, the connector piece that goes onto the majority of my water nozzles or spouts at home. No matter how tight I tried to turn that piece, it still seemed to leak out at the very top. It would still leak even the sprayer is running. That causes a lot of water to get wasted and to make a big mess. 

The fabric of the hose isn't made to get wet. It's not water proof on the outside. It gets soaked pretty easily. 

The hose is still a type that can get tangled. I found it easier to untangle this style of hose than my usual stiff hose, one that's not expandable like this hose. 

- Flexible 
- Lightweight when deflated/empty 
- 8 pattern sprayer 
- Saves space 

- Plastic hose holder not durable
- Plastic connectors not durable
- Plastic connectors can leak/not fit properly 
- Outside of hose not waterproof 

Check out what others have said on Amazon about this hose. 

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