Thursday, October 22, 2015

Baby Nook Tent

I received the Baby Nook Pop Up Shade Tent by ModFamily through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Easy to pop up
  • Bag includes shoulder strap for easy carry
  • Self inflatable and removable mat
  • Lightweight 
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • 4 mesh openings for ventilation
The Baby Nook Pop Up Shade Tent is great for outdoor use or providing a play area indoors. It helps protect a child from the sun and keeps them from being on the ground or in the dirt. 

The Baby Nook works for babies, toddlers, and young children. Even small pets, such as dogs or cats, may end up liking the Baby Nook. My one dog refuses to get out of it when it's popped up. She thinks it's her new bed.

The Baby Nook comes in a storage bag that makes it easy to carry around with the shoulder strap or have the nook take up very little room. It's a good size to have stored in a vehicle or camper for when traveling.

The instructions are clear and easy to read. There's pictures to help indicate how to pop it up or close the nook. Although the nook claims it's hassle free, getting the nook down in size to fit into the storage back is a struggle. It takes me several tries to break down the nook when I have it popped up.

The Baby Nook has a dual sided zipper for the openings. If a young child gets closed up into the nook, they can get opened again if they know how to work a zipper. There's a mesh/screen layer and a solid fabric layer to the door. Either one can be opened or closed at a given time. The mesh helps provide air ventilation, but if it's too sunny, the outer layer can be closed to provide more shading.

There are windows on the two sides next to the door to help provide ventiliation in the baby nook if it's closed up. It allows fresh air to circulate and get through the tent like nook. The flaps do have ties to keep them rolled up and out of the way. There was a few less threads in the window areas with their covers.
The mat for the nook can be removed, deflated, and folded up to be stored. The mat is easy to get into the baby nook. Twisting the nozzle open allows the mat to self-inflate. It's not as cushiony as a blow up mattress or other self-inflating mattresses, but this mat still provides cushion and keeps a child off the hard ground. It makes them playing, laying, or rolling around in the baby nook safer.

The mat is durable, just like the tent part of the nook is. My dog was able to go into the nook with her sharp puppy claws and do no damage, even when she tried scratching at the nook's sides.

The only problem I noticed with the mat is that it came dirty. It looked like someone had stepped on it. It didn't take much to clean the mat off. Washing it down with soap and water did the trick. It was quick and easy to dry as well.

- Helps provide shading
- Good ventilation 
- Dual-sided zipper 
- Lightweight
- Self-inflating mat
- Pops up easily 
- Easy to clean
- Durable

- Loose threads around windows with the covers/screens
- Pain to get broke down or closed back into storage back
- Mat arrived dirty (but it was easy to clean)

 Check out this Baby Nook on Amazon or on ModFamily's website

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