Thursday, October 15, 2015

Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover

I received the Ohuhu Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Includes: seat cover, rug, water tank cover, and toilet paper box cover
  • Flexible material 
  • Easy to set up 
The Ohuhu Christmas Santa set for the bathroom is cute and amusing. It's a fun way to have a decoration in the bathroom. 

The fabric used to make this decoration set isn't the best quality. It's seems very thin and plain. The fabric isn't the most durable or long lasting for the rug, water tank cover, or the toilet paper roll cover. Although, considering that this decoration is in the bathroom, you probably don't want the high end type material to get ruined, dirty, or damaged, especially if it's in a frequently used bathroom. 

The rug looks like the outfit or shirt of that's the typical style for Santa. The fabric is softer than I thought it would be. It's feels comfortable under my feet. The backing of the rug have small rubber circles that work as grips to help keep the rug from sliding around on the flooring. I just stuck this rug over the top of the normal one I have near that area to give some extra cushion for the rug. 
The water tank cover is fairly simple. It's just a red cloth with white boarder. There's two elastic strap pieces on either end to help hold the tank cover in place. The tank cover was slightly bigger than the top of my water tank. The straps help hold it in place. 
The toilet paper roll cover is made for a box, but I don't have a box for my toilet paper. It still worked to use it as a cover over the toilet paper holder. It almost didn't fit. The opening was a bit snug to get it on, but once it got over the handles, I was able to position the toilet paper roll cover easily.

The Christmas Santa seat cover is made nicer than the other parts of the set. It's a different type of fabric, mainly because this fabric needs to be stretchy to help fit over the toilet seat.

The face of the Santa is adorable. It makes Santa look very jolly and joyful. The nose, mustache, and hat rim are the main layers that stand out on this seat cover.

The seat cover fits best on rounder seats. Longer seats may be too big for the seat cover to fit on.  The opening of the seat cover is fairly small to keep it in place, but it's very stretchy with the elastic band to help fit it over the biggest parts of the lid.

The seat cover is on both sides of the lid. It's nice on those cold nights where you don't have your back resting on a cold toilet seat lid. Instead, you have the cloth that's covering it.

On the downside, those with bad aim could end up causing sanitary issues with this toilet seat cover since it fits on both sides of the lid. Or you may have those very naughty ones who purposely aim for it. Either way, it's not the easiest product to wash. The fabric it's made out of, much like the rest of the set, makes me weary of whether it'd survive being washed in a machine and the idea of handing washing something that's been on the toilet isn't exactly appealing.

Overall, it's a very cute idea, but it's not the most sanitary or a product that's made to last.

- Cute
- Most parts fit well
- Non-slip backing on rug 
- Soft

- Not sanitary 
- Not easy to clean
- Fabric is very thin (not good quality fabric)
- Won't last long

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