Thursday, October 15, 2015

Beautiful Scarves: Check Scarf

I received the Black, White, and Grey Check Scarf by Beautiful Scarves through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Very soft
  • Check pattern scarf 
  • 25% cotton, 75% acrylic
The Beautiful Scarves Check Scarf comes in a nice box to protect the scarf during shipping. The scarf is a nice length. It's very soft and lightweight. The black, white, and grey color check pattern works well as an accessory for many styles. The scarf works for both men and women. 

The first thing I noticed about the scarf, beyond it's color and pattern, was how soft the scarf is. The softness reminds me of a baby blanket. The scarf is also lightweight, which makes it work for both the fall and winter seasons or whenever it's cold. It's not the warmest scarf, but it does help keep body heat in and block out the wind. 

I did notice that there had been a thread loose on the scarf when I received it. I went to pull the thread away and more just kept unraveling. There's not really a way to stop this scarf from unraveling. After those main loose threads, I haven't had a problem with the scarf unraveling. This scarf could snag easily if it's caught on something scarf or pet's nails get caught in it. 

I wouldn't recommend machine washing this scarf because of how easily the scarf can unravel. There's nothing protecting the sides of the scarf from coming loose. It's best to hand wash it and hang dry. 

- Very soft
- Versatile 
- Works for many styles
- Helps keep in heat and block wind
- Lightweight

- Sides of scarf is not protect. It can unravel
- Ends of the scarf can also unravel 
- Not durable 

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