Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sirefly Car Charger

 I received the Sirefly Cell Phone Car Charger through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Dual port
  • 4.2 amperes of total output 
  • Charges device quickly 
  • IC chip recognizes full battery and switches to \a saver mode (keeps from overcharging)
  • Blue LED light indicates charger is positioned properly 
  • Aluminum finish 
  • Fits in any vehicle 12-24V power output  (will adjust correct voltage automatically
The dual port charger is designed nicely. The aluminum finish gives the charger a shining, professional appearance. 

Both ports work well and will adjust charge based on the power of output the charger is placed into. The charger is able to detect a full party and switches to a saver mode for the device to protect the battery from being over charged. The powerful charger does make the device's battery warm when it's charging. Both ports can be used at once and doesn't affect the speeding of the device charging when one more than is connected to the charger. 

The size of the charger is small. It's easy to store. No cord comes with it.

The charger I got was picky on it's positioning. The blue light wouldn't always come on in certain positions. It can be difficult to see the blue indicator light if it's bright outside. At night, the blue LED light is easy to see, but the light is not so bright that it's distracting.

Once the charger is placed properly and is working, it does charge a device fast. It was able to charge my cell phone and tablet fairly well.

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