Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wallet Bottle

I received the Pure+ Wallet Bottle through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 750 mL
  • Water bottle with storage 
  • Great for travel, exercise, jogging, gym, yoga, sports, camping, hiking, etc. 
  • BPA-free
  • Keyring loop 
  • Flip-top release 
  • Leak-proof seal 
  • Durable and impact resistant 
  • Lightweight 
The wallet bottle is a great size for a water bottle. It fits about 750 mL of water into the bottle. It's not isolated, so it doesn't keep the water cold.

The snap lid is tough to open, but not impossible. It keeps from having the lid pop open if the water bottle is dropped or bumped into.

There's a keyring slot on the other side of the lid that allows you to use keyrings or other devices to carry this water bottle.

The spout of the water bottle is a medium size. It keeps you from having to squeeze the water bottle to have quick flowing water. There is a seal on the lid that keeps this water bottle from leaking. It didn't leak when I filled it with water and shook it. The seal fits and holds up well.

The hard plastic case on the outside allows you to carry money, id, or credit cards with you and keep it close.

The case opens where the green tab meets with the grey. Don't do like I kept trying to by trying to open it by the grey area.

There is only a small window with the case. If the money or cards are fit in the tab on the green part of the case, the money or credit cards won't be seen.

The bottle is easy to wash with soap and water. The lid can be twisted off for filling it with water or for washing the bottle.

Note: Don't forget to take out money or ids before washing the bottle. The case doesn't keep water out of it.

Check out this bottle on Amazon.

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