Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Heavy Bass Earbuds

I received the FSL AL13 Heavy Bass Earbuds through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Clear stereo sound
  • Big bass
  • Flat cable
  • 3 adjustable sizes of rubber eartips 
  • Blocks out external noise 
The FSL AL13 Heavy Bass Earbuds does provide a deep bass sound. At times the bass can make it hard to hear the lyrics in music or words being said in other videos. The sound is usually fairly clear with a wide range of different tones, sounds, and volumes. They do very well for cancelling out or blocking out external noise. 

The earbuds are labeled for which ear they go into. The ear pieces are a decent size. They're comfortable to wear. They're not too big where it's uncomfortable to lay down on your side with them in. They're not small enough that they fall out of the ears either. The adjustable rubber eartips are easy to put on and work fine. My ears always need the small eartips, and these ones fit great. 

The flat cord is designed to be tangle-resistant. My cord has been tangled a few times, but not as often as other headphones I've had in the past. A lot of times, I can just shake the headphones and cord to get it to loosen up. The cord is a good length as well. 

The first time I used the headphones, I noticed they had gotten warm. I was a little worried that they were always warm when they were in use. I had them plugged in and playing for awhile without them being on or near me. When I touched the earpieces then, they were fine. They seem to absorb some body heat when they're in the ears. 

Note: Careful when opening the package. The rubber eartips may be loose inside the box.

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