Saturday, September 5, 2015

Air Stability Wobble Cushion

I received the Air Stability Wobble Cushion through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Durable 
  • Spike dimples provide a stable surface
  • Improves flexibility, balance, and coordination 
  • Strengthens ankles and muscles 
  • Comes with pump and air needle 
  • 14" Diameter 
  • Use for standing, kneeling, or sitting
At first, I wasn't sure which way was up or down on this wobble cushion, so I tried it both ways. 

The first time I tried it, I tried with the spike dimples on top (facing upwards). The spikes would help me stand easier than if I would on the smooth side. It felt like it was holding onto my feet better, especially if I was using only one foot. The spikes facing upwards provides for little massage while standing, sitting, or kneeling, which is nice. It even works nice to give a slight foot massage if you're sitting and resting your feet on the spikes. The smooth bottom doesn't move too much on the floor. 

For balance, the spikes facing downwards and having the smooth side facing up works easier. It allows me a flat surface to sit or kneel on. The spikes also help keep the cushion stable on the ground. It keeps it from moving so much. 

The cushion works well for yoga, stretching, or to even help with a massage, like a foot massage. It's made out of durable PVC material. It comes with a air pump and needle if you need to inflate it to a desired size. 

If I leave it sitting out, I will often catch one of my small dogs sitting on the cushion, no matter which side is facing up. 

Check out this cushion on Amazon.

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