Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ubercords Extension Cords

I received the Ubercords 1-Foot Power Extension Cord Cable Strip through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 1-Foot length
  • Prevents clutter or outlet blockage 
When I first got this cord, I wondered why someone would need a 1-foot power strip. Then, I started thinking of all the times I couldn't fit a plug in into an outlet because it was too big and something else was already plug-in there. The cord comes in hand during those situations because the plug-in to the outlet on the cord is small. It helps spread out that clutter. This plug-in comes in handy at hotels where the only plug-in near the beds is the one where the alarm clock is plug-in at. I can't plug in my power strip in that area because the plug is too big for that area to fit. This cord is small enough to fit in that area and powerful enough that I'm able to plug my power strip on it. 

The cord can also provide an extra foot to other extension cords when and if it's needed. 

The cord is durable. It's thick enough that it won't break or snap, yet it's flexible enough that it can bend. Both ends of the plugs fit well with other plugs. It's snug enough that they don't fall out, yet they don't get stuck or become too difficult to separate. 

It's a well made cord.

Check out this 1-foot cord on Amazon.

I received the Ubercords 6-Foot Power 2-Pack Extension Cords through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 6-Foot length
  • Heavy-Duty
  • 125 Volt/13 Amp Applications
  • 3 Prong Female (NEMA 5-15R to 3-Prong Male (NEMA 5-15P) Connectors
These cords are nice extension cords. I'm used to extension cords having more than one female prong. If you're needing more than one female prong with this extension cord, connecting the extension cord to a power strip does work. It still does well charging many devices with a power strip connected without slowing down the charging speeds. 

The cords are heavy duty. The cords are thick enough that they won't break or if an evil little dog chews on them, the teeth marks won't go all the way to the wires. Yes, it happened to me. The cord is still pretty flexible that it can bend and moved around without pinching the wires or damaging the cord. 

Both the female and male prongs are pretty snug. The male prong takes a bit of effort to unplug it. A young child may not have the strength to do so. The female prong connector can also fit some male plugs well. For one the main plug-in I had connected to the female connector side, I could shake and wiggle it vigorously and it wouldn't come lose from the extension cord.

These cords are well made. 

Check out this extension cord on Amazon

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